Dr. Clarence Freed back in Haiti

Visit the IBOAI web site for a full version of Dr. Freed’s story and please take the time to watch this heartwarming video of this man’s hope in Haiti involving Dr. Freed.
Dr. Clarence Freed, his nurse Brenda Leister, and others on the medical team, were in the village of Posse-bois-d’orme, west of the capital of Port-au-Prince about 50 miles from the epicenter, dispensing medical care to villagers, when trees swayed, roads buckled, buildings crumbled and the world came tumbling down around them.
“Being in Amway over the years has changed my attitude and priorities significantly,” says Dr. Freed. “This business has nurtured my dream to do third world medicine and it gave me the time to do my dream. We had been assisting a new Haitian doctor, who didn’t have a lot of surgical background.” Dr. Freed was advising on surgical care and sizing up conditions for a return visit. “Third world medicine is extremely different than here in America. We were seeing patients with malaria, parasitic enteritis, things I’d never seen before.”
Dr. Freed has returned again to help in Haiti and he was able to get this message to us:
” Today is my second day in Haiti on my return trip. I am sleeping at the orphanage. they gave me the only bed. The couple that runs this haven are sleeping on the floor with all the children and night time babysitter. They roll mats on the floor in three rooms, two rooms are about 8 x 8. The third is larger. They all sleep on the floor. I did examinations to day on 115 children. Many are malnourished and anemic. Many days they have less food then needed.

The kids are teaching me Creole. We are having fun talking about how many will fit in my pocket and fly away with me…Clarence”

Post first published on September 3, 2010

Clarence Freed has been doing some significant traveling. He just returned from his third trip to help the people of Haiti. Clarence and nine friends from a church in Bronson, Mississippi ran a free clinic in Cotes de Fer, Haiti. They saw and treated over 400 people over 4 days!

“Of the people we treated many hadn’t seen a doctor in years because they’ve had no money to pay for a doctor visit. Some were able to see a doctor, but couldn’t afford the medicine. One boy in particular had been diagnosed with anemia, typhoid fever, and malaria. His family didn’t have the money to buy meds for him.”

The clinic where Clarence worked did not have running water. Fortunately Clarence brought along a case of BODY SERIES 2 in 1 Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Lotion so he could keep his hands clean between patients. “Even with the heavy usage, I had some leftovers. This is such a great product!”

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