Amway Achievers 2015 – Day 4 & Night 4


Day 4: Inspiration and a First-Ever Celebration

The final day of Amway Achievers 2015 was a day of firsts. The morning started with the Biz Buzz session, where Amway leaders congratulated IBOs and shared their vision of growing the business through partnerships.

Candace Matthews, Regional President of the Americas, discussed Amway Next, a strategic plan that outlines what Amway will do over the next 10 years to ensure IBOs have the right resources for a strong business foundation.

Amway President Doug DeVos paid a special visit to thank North American IBOs for their recent successes, and to pledge his continued support to keep the business growing. “Everything we do is for you,” he said. “We are only successful if you are successful.”
After the meeting, IBOs and their families travelled to the Amway Center in downtown Orlando where they joined – for the first time ever – South American IBOs and families to celebrate the first-ever America’s Family Day.
The two groups filled the arena to see a spectacular show of acrobats and performers. The highlight of the show was an appearance by Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel. He, along with President Doug DeVos, talked about growing up in the business. They shared inspirational stories about their fathers and inspired IBOs to live their lives based on the core values Amway was built upon: Freedom, Hope, Family, and Reward.

Night 4: Final Night of Fun at Universal Islands of Adventure®†

The final reward of the day was an exclusive trip to the Universal Islands of Adventure® theme park, where IBOs from across the Americas enjoyed the park, which was open just for them and their families. The kids were thrilled they could ride all the rides and sample all the great food in the park for free. At the end of the night, there were nothing but smiles from IBOs and their families.

Achievers 2015 is over, but these memories will last a lifetime.

Achievers attendees, make sure to share your experiences on social media with #AmwayAchievers.

†Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is a registered trademark of Universal City Studios LLC.


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