Amway Achievers 2015 – Night 1 & Day 2


Night 1: Welcome Celebration

Amway IBOs finished their first day at Achievers 2015 with an incredible party welcoming them to Orlando. The party was themed to let IBOs have the ultimate cruise ship experience (on land), and featured buffets, dance parties, spas, and entertainment spanning the outdoor areas around their resort hotels.

A spectacular fireworks display ended the night’s event. But these were special fireworks created just for IBOs. As IBOs watched the fireworks show through special 3D glasses, they saw Amway logos in the sky. It was an event worthy of the success and hard work that earned these IBOs their place at Achievers.

Day 2: Exercise and Expo

IBOs were up early the next morning for exercise activities sponsored by the XS® Energy brand, which took place on the resort’s beach. Then it was on to The Fuel, a one-of-a-kind product expo featuring the latest tips, tools, and new product innovations to help IBOs grow their business. Even live falcons from the Nutrilite® brand’s Trout Lake Farm were in attendance. Later, all the IBOs gathered for the new pin recognition ceremony where this year’s achievers will have their time to shine.

Achievers attendees, make sure to share your experiences on social media with #AmwayAchievers.


Day 2 – Meetings with National Accounts


Day 2 – New Pin Reception


Day 2 – Recognition


Day 2 – The Fuel


Day 2 – The Sweat


Day 2 – Universal Studios

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