Amway Achievers 2015 – Night 2 & Day 3


Night 2: Recognition and Excitement at Universal Studios®†

Amway Achievers 2015 is definitely about fun with family and friends, but the key part of Achievers is recognizing the outstanding accomplishments and successes of IBOs. This year, the recognition ceremony was held on day 2 so IBOs could celebrate early with their families and enjoy the week’s coming activities.

At the special ceremony, 29 new Emeralds, 25 new Founders Emeralds, 33 new Diamonds, 2 Triple Diamonds and 1 new Crown were recognized. In addition, the 2015 Hero Award winners were announced for their actions and charity work in the categories of Leadership, Determination, Patriotism, and Generosity.

After the Hollywood-themed ceremony, IBOs made a quick change into casual clothing, grabbed the kids, and boarded buses for a very special evening at the Universal Studios® theme park. Some IBOs may have been to the Universal Studios® park before, but not like this – the park was open exclusively for Amway Achievers.

IBOs and their families rode the rides as many times as they wanted, played all the games for free, and ate whatever they wanted from park restaurants. By the end of the night, many IBOs and children were tired, but still energized. As one little boy said: “Best night ever! Thanks Amway!”

Day 3: More Expo and Family Time

Day 3 was another day to attend the one-of-a-kind product expo, where IBOs continued to get educated on (and excited about) the latest tips, tools, and products Amway has to offer.

Then it was off to experience Orlando with family and friends. Leaders and first-time Achievers alike were given much of the day to explore the parks and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Achievers attendees, make sure to share your experiences on social media with #AmwayAchievers.

†Universal Studios is a registered trademark of Universal City Studios LLC.


Day 3 – Meetings with National Accounts


Day 3 – The Fuel


Day 3 – The Sweat

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