Amway NPC Spring 2016: Platinums Get Tips from IBOs Who’ve Been Here


New Platinums came to New Platinum Conference with questions and curiosity about how to build productive and successful businesses. And they got answers from IBOs who’ve done just that.

During the business meeting on Day 2 of NPC, IBOs heard the experiences of Emeralds Ainsley and Simone Lewis from Jamaica, who attended their first NPC just last year. Ainsley and Simone shared their journey: Before becoming Amway IBOs, they led challenging lives in Jamaica, and in just five years worked their way to Platinum in 2015.

“When we came to NPC last year, it was our first experience with Amway. After coming into an environment where people cared about us – and where we were treated like real people the company respected and loved – we immediately started telling our team how well Amway treated us. We learned about goal setting last year, and we started setting those goals before we even got home. Our lives were literally transformed,” Simone told the new Platinums. “When we started we wanted nothing more than to pay our bills, but now it’s about whose life we can change,” said Ainsley.

Platinums also heard some motivational words from a legend of the business, Legacy Diamond Bob Andrews who, with his wife Terry, has been a Diamond for 34 years. Bob shared his story of growth from his first NPC in 1972. “We thought we knew everything we needed to know in understanding the products,” he said. “But we became successful when we learned to have a business-ownership mentality – we learned that we’re in the business of business builders; our attitude is more powerful than what we know.”

Bob said the three keys to success are:
1. Optimism – the way we think.
2. Determination – the way we focus.
3. Resilience – the way we respond to things we can’t control.

“When you combine optimism with determination and resilience, you have a strong foundation and a force of nature that can’t be stopped,” he said.

Amway Canada Sales Manager Jeff Johnson shared what he’s learned from leaders of the business over the past 28 years. He encouraged Platinums to always set their monthly goal at full-volume PV, and recognized those IBOs in the audience who’ve achieved that.

One Platinum who’s reached full Platinum is Brendan Hammond from Seattle. He agreed with Bob Andrew’s strategy of building a business with a solid foundation. “One way we’ve done it is by teaching Ditto® Scheduled Ordering to build sustainable volume,” Brendan said. “That way you don’t have fluctuation in your business.” He also shared his excitement in being at Amway World Headquarters. “You know that Amway is an incredible business, but coming here just makes it so much more real,” he said.

After the business meeting, the Platinums got valuable information on how to structure and grow their businesses the right way from Amway experts who shared a range of topics, including the importance of goal setting and living and coaching the Rules of Conduct. The courses taught them that, as leaders, they’re stepping into new roles – as coaches and mentors.

“Goal setting is really helpful, and I don’t think it’s taught enough. It’s helpful to think about goals other than sponsoring people and building volume,” said Jennifer Acord. “We got a really good idea of how to set goals, and this is something I’ll definitely apply to my business.” Alyssa Channa added, “The class about the Rules of Conduct had a lot of value, because we need to make sure we’re respecting the reputation of the company.”

In the evening the new Platinums were treated to a special celebration when Amway reserved the Grand Rapids Art Museum for an XS®-sponsored party in their honor. The Steampunk Circus–themed event included a VIP dinner of steak, pot roast, or portobello mushrooms served with exotic Peruvian purple mashed potatoes. There was also a unique macaroni and cheese bar, where Platinums could customize their own dinner with a variety of toppings. This was followed by beautiful selection of desserts served by circus performers and entertainers.

It was a day of new ideas, great business tips, and motivating presentations…and the best is yet to come.


NPC Spring 2016 – Day 2


The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was USD $183 (in the U.S.)/CAD $206 (in Canada).

Approximately 53% of IBOs in the U.S., and 49% of IBOs in Canada, were “active.”

IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2013 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. If someone sustained that level of activity every month for a whole year, their annualized Gross Income would be $2,196 (U.S.)/$2,472 (Canada). Of course, not every IBO chooses to be active every month. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards, which may be significant. There may also be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. For the purposes of the calculation in Canada, individuals who were IBOs for less than the entire year in 2013 were excluded.

Before registering as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) powered by Amway, you should read and understand the AMWAY™ Business Overview Brochure, which contains important information for those interested in becoming IBOs.

Following are approximate percentages of IBOs in North America who achieved the illustrated levels of success in the IBO Fiscal Year ending August 31, 2015: New Platinum Conference; 0.2%