NPC Summer 2016 – Day 1


Amway NPC Summer 2016: Great Experiences and New Ideas

Excitement, new ideas, business tips, and product sampling. On the first day of the second Amway New Platinum Conference this year, attending IBOs were thrilled to take in all of this and more.

As they arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, new Platinums received a warm welcome from Amway staff at the luxurious Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. And because NPC is about learning and recognition, the conference started with a business expo where Platinums got the chance to learn about amazing new products and programs and talk with experts who shared tips and ideas on building a strong business.

IBOs in attendance are all thankful for the success that brought them to NPC, and energized to learn what it will take to get to the next level. New Platinums Jenny and Travis Vesley from Milwaukee will also be attending their first Achievers conference this year. “We’re thrilled to represent the hard work of our entire team and see the support that Amway gives our business,” said Travis. Jenny, a former personal trainer, added, “XS™ Sports Nutrition has been great for our business because it’s a high-quality product with great taste that provides a great solution for customers.”

IBOs Nancy Arellano and Ivan Guerrero from San Diego reached Platinum in just over three years. “It feels amazing to be here”, said Nancy. “We see the freedom in each level of success we build.” Ivan says Nutrilite® supplements and Artistry™ products are key to their business’ foundation. “No soy un tipo comun. No voy a trabajar de nueve a cinco,” he said (I’m not your average person. I’m not doing the nine-to-five job). “Por eso estamos construyendo este negcio” (that’s why we are building this business).

“This is a trip I’ve always imagined in my mind,” said Founders Platinum Cristian Hassan from Dallas. “I’m so excited to see the workings of Amway, the products, the manufacturing, and the credibility,” he said. His wife Nez Hassan continued, “We’re thrilled to talk with product experts. The average age of our group is 22 years old, so we build our business and productivity on the XS® and Artistry® brands.”

The new Platinums finished Day 1 enjoying a welcome dinner complete with great food, entertainment, and the chance to share stories with the other IBOs from all across North America.

Following are approximate percentages of IBOs in North America who achieved the illustrated levels of success in the IBO fiscal year ending August 31, 2015: Platinum0.3359%.