Randy and Raye-Lynn Jassman


Founders Emerald


Since becoming IBOs, Randy and Raye-Lynn Jassman agree, “It’s been an amazing journey of personal growth. We were attracted by the quality of people involved in the Amway business and their willingness to mentor others.” Randy explains, “through wonderful coaching, meaningful relationships, and incredible learning experiences, this business has dramatically impacted every aspect of our lives.”

Prior to building their Amway™ business, the Jassmans had careers in real estate. Randy was in commercial real estate and Raye-Lynn worked for a real estate development company. She left behind her traditional job 20 years ago, he left his five years ago. Randy recalls, “I didn’t want to be restricted by a traditional job. I wanted to control my schedule rather than be under someone else’s control.” Raye-Lynn adds, “we recognized this business offered an opportunity to live a better life, to focus on important things like our family and team.”

Raye-Lynn credits Randy’s “great character, ability to listen, and help people see in themselves what they don’t see” as the reasons for his great leadership. “You need someone trustworthy like Randy for people to follow to help grow a strong, sustainable organization.” Combine that with what Randy describes as Raye-Lynn’s “strong work ethic, skill at encouraging people, and empathy for others”, and you’ve got a dynamic leadership duo.

“This business has given us many wonderful experiences and rewards because of the time, freedom, and people it has brought into our lives,” remarks Raye-Lynn. “The quality of our marriage and relationship with our kids, Dalton (17) and Devin (16), and the blessing of mentors who have helped us are all great rewards.” Randy comments, “witnessing the positive impact this business has had on people is amazing. We love helping people.”

In the future, the Jassmans plan to continue leading in this business, providing a good example for their sons and developing strong leaders. It’s important to them, to create a legacy that will last for generations to come.

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