Abdon and Bernardina Alvarez

Rising above adversity and succeeding with Amway – The AMWAY™ business opportunity first came into Abdon and Bernardina Alvarez’s lives when their children (Abel Francisco, Celina, and Victor Hugo) were little.

At the time, both Alvarezes were employed as cooks at a fast food restaurant. “We didn’t see a promising future,” he recalls.

They started their AMWAY business in 1995, but because Abdon wasn’t proficient at reading or writing, the couple didn’t get very far and let it lapse. “But I never stopped listening to the motivational CDs from our upline,” he says.

Following a nearly crippling car accident, Abdon’s interest in Amway grew. “I started using NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements again and made it my goal to learn to read and write better.” This time, he was determined to succeed in bettering his life and his family’s future.

After two years, “I completely regained my mobility.”

Then, when they were in their sixth month of Platinum qualification, Bernardina suffered a stroke.

“She was in a coma for a month and underwent brain surgery and two back surgeries (due to complications from meningitis she contracted in the hospital),” says Abdon.

He decided he would learn “everything I could about nutrition to help my wife” and began reading voraciously in search of answers. Bernardina made a miraculous recovery that stumped even the doctors, through a regimen of diet and NUTRILITE nutritional supplements.

“When she finally came out of her coma, they told her it would be three years before she walked again,” he says. “She walked in three months.”

Moreover, “We still made Platinum and have qualified for every pin and trip since,” Abdon states. “It’s wonderful what our AMWAY business has done for us!”

These days, “We’re looking forward to buying a house and taking some long overdue vacations with our kids and grandkids,” he says.

“We’re ready to take a lot of people with us to Diamond!” adds Bernardina, who’s made a full recovery.

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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