Adam Marks



New York

Choosing a Saturday life – “I was flat-out excited!” Adam Marks recalls feeling after learning about the Amway™ business opportunity. “I wanted to sign up, but was told I was too young (at 17).” A few months later, he tried again – and was told the same thing. “The next week I brought my dad with me, and he registered the business in both our names. But it’s been my business from the start,” Adam explains.

He went on to build the business while attending college and working for his father’s advertising business. But already at 17, he’d recognized the limitations of following in his father’s footsteps.

“I knew the headaches of traditional business and the sacrifice of time it required,” he says. “I’m happy that my Amway business is at a point where I can enjoy the unparalleled lifestyle it provides.”

Naturally introverted, today Adam enjoys working with people. “My desire to achieve the lifestyle I saw possible through Amway trumped my fears.”

Along the way, he was surprised to discover “such a positive environment” among his fellow IBOs. “People build each other up, encourage one another, look for the good in everyone and every situation,” he says. “Before, I was pretty pessimistic. Now I know that happiness is a choice.

“In five years, I see myself in my dream house, married, and with a family,” Adam shares. “I love boxing, so I will probably pursue it for fun, maybe even own a private gym.”

Although Adam knows his business will not thrive without his ongoing attention, he is enthused about the flexibility it will provide. “Our week will consist of six Saturdays and Sunday. Every day we’ll do whatever we want! I’ve seen too much success in this business to choose to live a second-rate life.”

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