Alfredo and Dinora Rivera

“Our AMWAY® business has taught me that I am capable of obtaining whatever I set my mind to,” says Dinora Rivera.

At first, it took a lot to pry that mind open to consider the potential of an AMWAY business.

“I left the room whenever my brother tried to talk to me about it,” Dinora admits.

Once Alfredo caught wind of the possibilities, however, she faced a losing battle. “I told her, with or without you – for our future – I’m building it,” he recalls.

Dinora’s greatest concern was time. She worked six days a week as a babysitter. “Thank goodness I could take my son with me,” she says. But she hardly ever saw Alfredo, who worked two full-time jobs as a cashier and a handyman. “I honestly didn’t know where we’d find the time to build this business.”

Once they made up their minds to do whatever it took (including cutting back on sleep for a period of time), the Riveras began experiencing tremendous growth. In fact, the momentum from their run to Emerald catapulted them into Diamond qualification seven months later.

Now, “We have no debt, no job pressure, and endless quality time as a family,” Alfredo says. (Matthew is 7, and Efrem is 2.)

Before starting their business, “We used to think of just ourselves, our needs,” Dinora says. “As we’ve moved up the levels, we’ve had to focus on each other and the needs of our downlines.” That outward focus has in turn made them “more humanitarian.”

“One of our biggest dreams is to create a place for disadvantaged children to go,” Alfredo shares. “We’re capable of great things, especially when we’re united with something as big as Amway.”

Dinora couldn’t agree more. “Thank God I finally changed my mind, because this business is the best thing that ever happened to us!”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • Gracias por su ejemplo los amamos son la luz en muerto camino ..con la mano de dios y con excelentes mentores no hay duda q llegaremos

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