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“We can’t believe this is our life!” – “Rather than waking up to an alarm clock, we wake up to Elijah (3) or Samuel (1),” comments Alicia, who left her job about four years ago. When one of them calls, that’s the signal that family time has officially begun.

Whether they’re hanging out at home for the day or enjoying a fun excursion to the pool or zoo, “it’s a lot of fun spending time together as a family,” she says.

“Ever since I was little, I wanted to be my own boss,” states Laird, who’s been home since October 2011. When he and Alicia (college sweethearts) entered the workforce, “we ended up not liking it.” They backpacked across Europe for a while until reality set in. Even after returning to work and moving up in their careers, though, both believed, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

When Laird and Alicia were presented with the Amway™ opportunity, “our first thought was, ‘What a sweet way to generate cash flow!’” he recalls.

“We always envisioned ourselves traveling and living an adventurous life,” he continues, sharing dreams of touring Europe in style and venturing on an African safari.  “We also want a second home somewhere warm for when we need to escape the Canadian winters.”

“The biggest thing,” he says, “is that we want to help as many people on our team as we can to achieve their own success.”

“I think the best product Amway has is the opportunity,” Alicia remarks. “While the products are phenomenal, it was “the ability to make money, be in control of our time, and help others that brought the fire to my belly.”

“We’re so grateful for the people who’ve been placed in our lives,” she adds. “Without their help, we wouldn’t have an ounce of what we have today. We can’t believe this is our life!”

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  • Mike Santi

    Thank You Laird and Alisha for all that you guys do! We’re excited to be running towards our goals with you and can’t wait for all of us to be hanging out on the beaches of the world!

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