Amparo and Joaquin Morales

Always keeping their dreams in front – Amparo Morales first learned about Amway through the company’s Amagram magazine (now ACHIEVE®). “The family I lived with in college got it. I loved looking at the pictures,” she recalls.

The thought that she could someday have her picture in there kept her going as she and Joaquin built their AMWAY™ business. “And now we do! Our next picture (in the magazine) will be on Peter Island,” she states confidently.

That confidence is the result of following the advice of their upline and continually keeping their dreams in front of them through motivational CDs, business conventions, and, of course, ACHIEVE magazine.

“We decided we’d do anything in our power to help the people in our group,” she says. “I just kept cashing those first small checks and sticking the money away in a billfold. Then we’d reinvest that into the business. As the checks grew, so did our faith.”

“I was attracted by the ideas of becoming a leader and helping others,” adds Joaquin, a former baker. “I came home from that first convention with a picture in my mind of what we could achieve, and we just kept reaching for it.”

In a crazy twist of fate, the family that first introduced Amparo to AMWAY products is now on her DITTO® delivery service.

Moreover, Joaquin’s dream of having “every single member of his family get into the AMWAY business” has come true. “It was important to him, so we’re extremely excited that his brothers and cousins are now Emeralds and Sapphires,” she says.

Amparo and Joaquin’s priority has been building their AMWAY business, and now they’re looking forward to “spending a lot more time with the children” (Angelica, 10; Dante, 8; Christian, 6) as they reach Diamond and beyond.

“We enjoy taking walks together, hiking in the mountains, and just spending time together talking,” Amparo says. They’re also looking forward to buying their dream home when they reach the Diamond level. “Then we can fulfill our children’s dream of having pets.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • Irene Farley

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am going to start receiving the achieve magazine for myself
    so I can know the business better and start building this business.

    Irene Farley
    Robbinsville, NC

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