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Product Power – Andy Chuang and Olivia Wu have found that the best way to introduce people to the Amway™ business is to first share the products with them. “This is the best way to create a good first impression,” Andy says.

They feel strongly about this because that’s what happened to them. “We fell in love with the products first and that led us to the business,” he adds.

Using the high-quality products as customers – especially NUTRILITE® supplements, including Protein Powder, and ARTISTRY® skincare – gave them a lot of confidence in Amway as a company. “The ARTISTRY Moisture Intense Masque really helps keep my skin hydrated throughout the day,” notes Olivia.

Changing lives
Once they decided to become IBOs, they were even more impressed. “We got involved in training programs and realized how fair Amway is, and how serious they are about helping people change their lives,” says Olivia. “We very much believed in their vision and their values.”

Eager to share their wonderful opportunity with others, Olivia and Andy approached those who were as passionate about the products as they were. If the prospects were open to the idea of the business, they would ask themselves, “Is this person willing to learn? Do they want to develop themselves? Might they become leaders?”

Understanding this business is really very simple, but you have to be willing to start from the bottom, to learn from point zero. – Andy Chuang

Circle of success
“At the beginning, we show them the right way to do things and also the steps that are necessary to succeed,” explains Andy. “Then we let them try it on their own. At the same time, we encourage them and help them. Then we teach them how to show others to do the same thing. So it’s like a big circle, where we all help one another succeed. The formula is very simple to follow if you are open and willing.”

Their own success gave them the freedom to spend quality time with their children as they were growing up and with their parents, too. They feel that traditional jobs would never have offered the flexibility and freedoms they’ve had.

They are pleased that their daughter, Andrea Chuang, who recently graduated from college, has joined them in the family business. “She saw the lifestyle it gave us and that’s what she wants for her future,” says Olivia. “She is as passionate about the business as we are!”

“This business truly changed our lives for the better,” summarizes Andy. “It is the best legacy we could leave our children.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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