Ángel and María Aguado




A new life full of choices - Ángel and María Aguado came to the United States because they dreamed of having choices. As their family (María Janet, 19; Alexis, 15; and Ángel, Jr., 10) grew, however, their choices seemed to narrow down to one: which bills to pay.

“I was always working extra hours just to pay the bills,” says Ángel, who worked several jobs before learning about the Amway™ business opportunity.

“I saw the logic in the business: buying from your own store, sharing the great products, and building a network.” He poured every hour and bit of his energy into succeeding until María had to take notice.

“When we started this project, things weren’t good at home,” she explains. “I didn’t want to help Ángel because I didn’t want to be with Ángel. But when I saw the changes he was making because of this business, I realized, ‘There’s something good here!’”

Today, the bills are paid and the family is united. Replies Ángel, “We enjoy having and doing things we couldn’t afford before, and we get to choose how we spend our time. I can visit my mom in Mexico and not worry about the boss getting mad – because there is no boss!”

Ángel dreams of the day when he can just do nothing. “It feels so good!” he says. But he is content for now to be able to enjoy vacations, movies, and eating out with the family. “Our Amway business has brought us a new life, full of choices!” he remarks. One of those choices is “to travel everywhere in the world,” he says.

“I would love to see Paris and London,” María adds. “I also want to give my parents (who live with them) the best.”

“Most importantly,” Ángel adds, “we want to be an example to downline IBOs and help them achieve their dreams.”

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