Anita and Hari Anantha

When Hari Anantha first learned about the AMWAY® business opportunity, “I was skeptical, but not close-minded,” he says. “I figured if there’s nothing to lose (since the capital investment is so low), then it makes perfect sense. It’s a better use of my time to create a Plan B” (should he lose his job) than to spend it watching TV.

What really grabbed Hari’s attention was the gentleman who showed him the Amway IBO Compensation Plan. “He was a PhD who graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I was curious: Why would somebody with his credentials be building this business? That’s what led me to look into this opportunity further.”

Anita, who had a dental practice in India, joined Hari in the business after they married. After much contemplation and discussion with Hari, Anita decided not to pursue the recertification required to practice dentistry in the United States.

“Even though we knew we could make good money pursuing our separate careers,” says Hari, a software engineer, “we could not accomplish a shared goal that way. We closed that door and focused on building our AMWAY enterprise together instead.”

For Anita, money was not a huge motivator for her to build an AMWAY business. “Leaving the world the same, not making a dent or a difference, scares me. I need to live a life of significance. That’s what attracted me to this business: It’s not all about me. It’s about how can I help you?”

“We have a heart for children and believe in supporting causes that benefit them,” Anita shares. She and Hari desire to gain even “more control over our time and money” so they can continue to make life-changing choices, like supporting Hari’s parents in India and traveling more. “I’m looking forward to exploring the world beyond my cubicle!” Hari says.

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Emerald Income Disclosure


  • p suresh

    Two young professionals hari and anitha with big dreams. Very inspiring success story

  • Negash Arefa

    Dear Hari and Anita,
    Congratulations you both look fantastic. You are true inspiration in our life. Thanks for being who you are. Thanks for going extra mile to support us; guide us and we cherish your friendship. You are the BEST,
    Best regards,
    Negash and Aziza

  • Sumeet & Sonica Vij

    Congratulations once more. You both look great on the Achieve Magazine.

  • Dharmesh

    This is is awesome. We are super duper excited to see our upline emeralds and mentors on Achieve Magazine. Hari & Anitha has created magic in everyone in our life and Business. This is the best opportunity.

  • Sujatha Chandramohan

    Dear and Hari.. No words to say.Congrats !!!!!! You will soon be in another artical as DIAMONDS. You are very good in anything you do and above all good at HEART . Above all helping all the people arround you not only in building their bussiness, but also helping them in their personal life when they are in need .You guys ROCK.. Go DIAMONDS.Best wishes from all of us.

  • deepak varshney

    The mega emeralds Hari and Anita are changing the life of lot of people around the world and we are feeling proud to be a part of your organization also very excited to see you on achieve magzine
    luv and regards
    deepak and shipra varshney
    india,ghaziabad delhi NCR

  • Congratulations Hari & Anita, You are an inspiration to a lot of young people coming onto Emerald Club. Thank you for being who you are and being a great example.

  • This is phenomenol to be recognized for what you have created a fantastic blessing for all of us around the globe. Thank you Hari and Anita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucky Ramesh

    Congrats Hari and Anitha. Keep it up. Vazhga Vallamudan.


  • Khalid

    You guys r role models. Congrats and thanks for creating the pull.

  • Dheeraj Rashim

    Thank You Hari & Anita…You have already made a lot of difference in lot of peoples lives…

  • nimmi

    hi Hari and Anitha,
    That was a great writr up and a wonderful goal to work towards.. I am sure your achievement will inspire many more like you were once inspired . Congratulations and keep going strong. Hey,one more thing-you both look great.Love , Ammai and Maama

  • V Geetha

    Many a congrats Anita and Hari. Thats so very good to read about you two. There is much more that you will achieve together. Good luck dear. And the picture – too good yaar.

  • Girish

    Hi Hari and Anitha,
    Congratulations!!! This is an incredible achievement and we are so blessed
    To be part of your team. Thanks for inspiring us and everything you do.
    -Girish & Vijji

  • Hi Hari & Anitha,

    Congratulations. What a great couple you are. Its so inspiring to listen to bothof you from stage. I’m part of Sugeet and Kajal’s LOS under Khalid and Romana Motorwala Philadelphia team. This is so inspiring and accomplishing. Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for further success.

    Neeraj Chopra

  • Raju & Nisha

    Super Duper! Congratulations! Looks like a Kollywood moview poster – kalakal :)
    You remind me of Albert Einstein’s quote: “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”

  • Anand

    Anita and Hari,

    Indeed you are making a dent. We all are very appreciative of all you do. Reminds me, Robert Frost – ,,, and miles to go – and you will. You are on this incredible journey towards being DIAMOND. Very best.

  • Harish & Deepthi

    Hi Hari & Anitha,
    Congratulations!!!! Both looking great. We are so proud to be part of your team. Your true inspiration in our life. Thanks for going extra mile to support us; guide us we Cherie’s your friendship.
    —Harish & Deepthi

  • Akash & Shalaka

    Congratulations Hari & Anitha…You guys are a true inspiration. Your words and actions have impacted a lot of people around the world…especially us.

  • Praful & Vidya

    Congratulations Hari and Anita
    You inspire people around you all the time. Whenever we have had the chance to be around you guys, we have felt your heart for the business and the serving attitude that you carry no matter whom you are talking to.Thanks a ton.

  • Sridhar Jagannathan

    Congratulation Hari & Anita. We are fortunate to have a couple like you in our life time. Your true inspiration in our life.

    Thanks, Sridhar & Gayathri

  • Ravi & Lakshmi

    Hi Hari & Anita,

    Congratulations. You are the best and Thank you so much for your great friendship and being there for us all the time.

  • sunil and meena

    u guys are awesome leaders.proud to know u as our friends.u r role model for lot of ppl on the britt team and ajmani team

  • arasi & senthil

    Hi anitha & hari,
    Very much excited to see u\’r picture and to read u\’r article. All the best, to achieve a diamond pin soon. Waiting to see u as an International speaker in India. God bless u both..

  • Nice to meet H&A personally at Sedona ! amazing couple. wish you luck for future business growth.

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