Belkis and Ramon Garcia

Ramon Garcia describes the moment after he and Belkis heard the AMWAY™ business opportunity explained in detail. “It was like a theater curtain opened and there was our future,” he says. “My dreams came back to life. I came back to life!”

At the time, they were struggling to survive. Pastors of a church and parents of four (Crony, 15, Nefy, 11, Walkis, 9, and Merci, 7), Ramon and Belkis also ran a small appliance business out of their home. “There were days when we made only 40 pesos (about a dollar),” he says.

“We knew the AMWAY business opportunity was our only chance for a better future,” adds Belkis.

“We started out marketing everything in our sales kit and a dozen tubes of GLISTER® toothpaste we borrowed,” Ramon says. “It was tough in the beginning, but we stuck with it and eventually our business grew. When we purchased an apartment, it was like a stampede came over us! Everyone wanted to know more about the opportunity.”

Today, “We’re no longer concerned with surviving,” he says. “We have a new house, our kids are in a good school, and we can help our parents and our church.”

He and Belkis are excited about the land they were able to purchase for their church. Besides a new church building, “We plan to build a free school and potable water distribution center nearby,” she says.

As the curtain gets ready to go up on Act II, the Garcias reflect on their decision to build an AMWAY business. “This business is for anybody who has a dream and wants to grow.”

The support they’ve received from their upline has been invaluable. “That’s what this business is all about, people helping people,” says Ramon. “Our desire is to bless as many families as we can with the AMWAY opportunity and all it can offer.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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