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Sid & Roop Ganguly Diamond | Ontario

 When Sid and Roop Ganguly married in 1998, they embarked on more than a new life together – they became partners in building a business and their dreams. 

Sid started the AMWAY™ business in 1997, while continuing to work as an accountant. “I’ve always wanted to do something that was my own,” he says.
“I didn’t have a lot of money to invest, but I did have lots of time, ambition, drive, and determination.”

When he and Roop married, the couple committed to growing the business together.

“I married him and the business at the same time,” laughs Roop.

The success of their business has given them the freedom to live life on their own terms. Working side by side as life and business partners enriches the couple’s relationship, believes Sid, and has made life better for their family, which includes son Arjun and Sid’s father, a Platinum Independent Business Owner who lives with them. 

“We’re not stressed out, we’re not stretched for time,” says Sid. “We read more, have time for the gym, to take a walk, to spend more time together.”

Along the way, the couple has found that the AMWAYbusiness opportunity brings out the best in each of them. Their business benefits from their shared work ethic and complementary strengths. For Sid, it is the ability to build strong relationships with people, especially other Independent Business Owners. “I learned how to become a better person; I learned how to develop the business; I learned how to lead others,” he says.

Roop brings a cool, calm, and patient demeanor to the business that her husband admires, as well as an ability to generate sales volume and achieve goals. “I never knew that I had the hidden potential in me,” says Roop. “The business helped me come out of my shell.”

For both Sid and Roop, the blessings of the business extend beyond their immediate family to those they are helping through their AMWAY business.

“We have people from every faith, every country in our organization,” says Sid. “It’s very beautiful; sometimes I get tears in my eyes. I am proud we built it with our own hands.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • Mary Ann Cestarich

    Desire for Independence + Belief+ Consistency + Persistence = SUCCESS

    Becoming a Better person + Discovering one’s Hidden Potential = Added Bonus

    Congratulations to Sid & Roop on a well deserved achievement!

  • Mukesh & Subarna

    Hi Sid and Roop,
    Heartiest congratulations on your well deserved accomplishment.

    Mukesh & Subarna

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