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Eyes on the Ball – Brian McGrath played a lot of sports growing up, and he went to grad school in sports psychology – so he knows the power of adrenaline. “It makes you feel alive, it propels you to do something at a higher level,” he says. “And that’s just how I felt the first time I ever did a big group meeting in my Amway™ business. It felt so good.”

Caryn’s background is in occupational therapy, but it was starting an Amway business as a single that “radically” changed her life. That’s how she and Brian met – he was a Ruby at the time. Once they joined forces, they were unstoppable.

Caryn believes one of the things that contributed to their success was how the business helped her grow personally. “I really worked on myself, reading all the training materials and listening to my mentors, who were so encouraging. Having all that coaching helped me become a much better person, and that moved me forward.”

Self-motivation is a huge factor, agrees Brian. “It’s not like in sports where the coach tells you you have to do something or you’re going to get cut. Nobody has to do this or that to be part of your team; it’s more like a volunteer army. You have to want to do it.”

This whole journey has been a study in success, and I feel privileged to be surrounded by so many successful people. – Brian McGrath

It’s a process
He admits that he was “kind of a hard charger” when he first started out. “But then I realized that’s not how you succeed in building this business. You succeed by inspiring others to do it with you and helping them on their journey. It’s a process, and anybody can learn the skill set needed to do it.”

They say their association with other successful people has been one of the biggest blessings of their business. “There are some tremendous leaders out there and it’s a privilege to work with them,” says Brian.

No distractions
As the parents of two young children, the couple feel their business has given them far more options than they’d have if they’d followed their previous career paths. “It’s not that we were chasing a pin level, we just knew what we wanted in life. And when you know that, nothing distracts you,” says Caryn.

Brian concurs, adding, “I think one of the things that’s missing in our world today is hope. People give up and say, ‘Well, this is just the way it is.’ But there are people out there who don’t accept that. And as Independent Business Owners, it’s our job to go out and find them.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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