Caroline Sun and Han Hsu

When the company Han Hsu worked for was dismantled and he lost his job as a software engineering manager, “I realized the company could not give me a future. It could only give me a position,” he says.

In the process of trying to find “something I really wanted to do,” he stumbled upon the AMWAY® business opportunity when his uncle asked him to install an eSpring® water purifier.

A trained energy healer who volunteered with cancer patients, Han describes how the spirit of Amway “aligns with some of the deeper callings” because “the spirit of Amway is helping other people.”

In learning about the vast NUTRILITE® nutritional supplement line, Han realized, “I could use my AMWAY business as a platform for expanding the work I’d been doing.”

Han has many stories to share of how NUTRILITE supplements have played a role in attaining better health.

“It’s why I changed my mind and joined him in the business,” says Caroline, a self-professed workaholic and former VP of a Chinese language school. “When people started coming back to thank Han for how he’d helped them, I realized there was more to this business than selling products,” she says.

“We educate people on health and beauty and show them how to become more positive and have better relationships. I used to teach language, and now I teach about life.”

“The key to success in this business,” she continues, “is learning. We do a lot of training classes with our downlines. I’ve also learned through the example of our upline mentors to never, ever give up.”

No worries about that. With Diamond on the horizon, Han is seeing the possibility of getting on one of his long-neglected motorcycles for a ride. And Caroline in looking forward to a first: “Actually sitting down and watching a movie from beginning to end!”

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