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A Well-Balanced Life – When Yu Ping (Annie) Chen arrived in the United States from China in 1989, she was in for a big shock. “Chinese Americans were not living the life I had imagined at all. They worked so hard, 17 or 18 hours a day just to make enough to live on, never enough to get ahead. They did not have good lives,” she says. “It was just work, work, work, all the time.”

Yu Ping doesn’t mind hard work, but she had bigger dreams than to spend her life doing only that. After Chun Xiao Liu joined her, they both found jobs in sales. “But we were tired all the time,” says Yu Ping. “We had no energy left for anything else. And we were not making much money, either – barely decent wages. That’s not the life we wanted. We wanted careers and a nice family, and to be able to spend time together doing things we like to do.”

They ultimately found the path to those dreams when they began using Amway™ products. “My friend introduced me to NUTRILITE® multivitamins for children and they were of such high quality it made me want to try all the other products,” recalls Yu Ping.

So the couple began replacing items throughout their home with products offered by Amway, from toothpaste, home care, and cleaning products to protein powder and a wide variety of NUTRILITE supplements, including DOUBLE X®. “That’s the great thing about our products,” says Chun Xiao. “Everyone from senior citizens to little kids can use them.” Yu Ping really enjoyed ARTISTRY® cosmetics and skincare. “They just made me feel prettier!” she notes.

Then one day her friend said to her, “You know, Annie, there is something even more special than Amway products, and that is the Amway business.”

That really got her attention. And the more she and Chun Xiao learned about running an Amway business, the more they liked. “We saw that the business was based on love,” recalls Yu Ping. “You love the products and you want to share them with others.”

Keeping it simple
Yu Ping often says that she is just a “simple, ordinary person.” She also believes that learning the Amway business does not require any unusual skills or expertise; that it is based on very simple principles; that it is not difficult to explain to people; and that anyone can understand it. “We knew that the products were good and that the business was good, so we felt sure that once other people learned about it, they would be interested in it, too,” she recalls. “We were very excited about sharing this great opportunity with others.”

Also, the couple had many wonderful mentors who were eager to share their knowledge with them. “Our teachers taught us how to get started and set many good examples for us,” says Chun Xiao. “We wanted to be like them, so we followed everything they told us to do. That is what you need to do to succeed.”

Yu Ping says the biggest obstacle she had to overcome was in her own mind. “I made it more difficult than it had to be because I thought it was going to be difficult. Once I realized I could do it, everything changed.”

In fact, Chun Xiao feels that believing in yourself is the most important attribute one can have when building an Amway business. “When you believe it in your heart, it gives you the power to communicate with others, and communicating with others is what this business is all about.”

Move on
He also knows the power of numbers. “There are seven billion people out there. Not every one of them is going to want to do this business with you, but there will be one person in one group who does. So when someone tells you ‘no,’ you can’t get discouraged. You just bravely and confidently move on to the next person.”

Although both insist there is “nothing special” or out of the ordinary about them, they do believe what separated them from the average person was their dreams. “Dreams are very powerful and can be a huge motivation,” says Yu Ping. “Without dreams, a person will have a very hard time succeeding in life. We always teach people to dream big because that’s what we did. And we learned that even though you may be an ordinary person, your dreams can help you achieve amazing things.”

“It’s really the most basic principle for achieving a great life,” agrees Chun Xiao. “Dreams help you overcome challenges, and I believe that we succeeded because we were big dreamers – and we still are!”

Worth it
Indeed, the couple has accomplished much since they began their business nearly 20 years ago. “The Amway opportunity has given us healthy bodies, a harmonious family, and a very happy life,” says Yu Ping, looking back over the years. “Yes, we worked hard, but it was worth it!”

At the beginning, we had no idea how to get started. But we had a lot of good teachers and we are very grateful to all of them. – Yu Ping Chen

Reaching Diamond was a major victory for them, and Yu Ping uses a beautiful analogy when she talks about that significant pin level. “A diamond is just a piece of stone when it is buried in the earth. It only gets its value after it’s been cut and polished,” she says. “And within each of us is the making of that bright, shiny diamond.”

Thanks to their success, their children, Roger and Christina, have not had to face the struggles Yu Ping did when she first arrived in America as an immigrant. “They not only got a good education in school, they also learned a lot from the business as they were growing up. We began taking them to meetings and seminars when they were very young, so they’ve been surrounded by successful people virtually all their lives,” says Chun Xiao.

The couple was always careful to set a good example for their son and daughter, teaching them that material wealth is not what brings happiness. “When people suffer from poverty, they focus on gaining financial wealth, but you need spiritual health and wealth as well,” says Yu Ping. “There must be a balance.”

“My father didn’t leave me much money, and it was the same with my wife’s father,” he says. “But they left us a lot of spiritual ‘property,’ and taught us how to be honorable and respectable people, which is even more important. We’ve tried to instill those same values in our own children, and I think we succeeded.”

Their children are now nearly grown, and their parents couldn’t be more proud of them. Roger is in his first year of medical school and Christina is in her second year of college.

Yu Pin and Chun Xiao continue working hard and derive great satisfaction out of helping others attain their goals. “We are so fortunate,” says Yu Ping. “This is exactly the life I dreamed about when I came to this country 18 years ago. And I want everyone to experience it.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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