Coming Home for Double Diamonds Nam-Deuk Kim & Jung-Yun Lee

 Nam-Deuk Kim & Jung-Yun Lee, Double Diamond

It’s no secret that Nam-Deuk Kim and Jung-Yun Lee share great happiness and zest for life these days. With three beautiful children, a thriving business, and a comfortable home, this power couple says starting an AMWAY™ business gave them the freedom to move to the place they’ve always considered home, embrace a multicultural lifestyle with trips to Korea, and raise their young family with wonderful educational opportunities.

Dreaming of better days

They’ve never felt happier, more energized, more optimistic, or more together about their future.

They started their AMWAY business while living in Boston, dreaming of better days ahead. “We put into practice what we learned, and after just two and a half years of hard work and dedication, we were able to build our AMWAY business full time,” Jung-Yun says.

After quitting his corporate job, Nam-Deuk put everything he had into their business and family. “I really like being home with our kids,” he says. “I get to be there before and after school, help them with homework, eat meals as a family, and be involved in all of their after-school activities.”

Working full-time at their AMWAY business gives Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun more time to help their downlines improve their retailing, grow their businesses, and support others in their group.

See the goal, live the goal

As good as their AMWAY business was in Boston, Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun couldn’t shake off their shared dream of someday returning to the Pacific Northwest. They had lived in Oregon prior to moving to Boston, and the Northwest was their idea of paradise.

When Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun made the decision to move from Boston to Bellevue, Washington, in 2008, it was an exciting step for them. “Still fresh in our minds were the years I worked for a company, in which I endured company buyouts and coast-to-coast transfers,” says Nam-Deuk. “Back then I was anxious about where we might be transferred to next.”

They shared a dream to move back west. “It was what we thought was best for the family,” says Nam-Deuk. “It really was easy to move because we saw our future here.”

Bellevue is French for “beautiful view,” known for its scenic vistas of the Cascade Mountains and the Olympic Mountains. “In our hearts, this area has always been our home,” Jung-Yun says. “Here the mountains rise from the shore and the ocean is all around us. There’s so much to do and explore as a family. When it snows, we love taking the kids to the mountains to go skiing. When it rains, I love the calm.”

Shorter, nonstop flights home are another benefit of living on the West Coast. “Getting to Korea from here takes only 10 hours,” says Nam-Deuk. “We think it’s important for the kids to be bilingual and bicultural. Last year we brought the kids with us to Korea, and they had a blast with our big Korean family. As they get older, we hope
they’ll spend part of their summer vacations there.”

A trip to Korea can be a great motivator for their kids. “We encourage them to always strive for improvement,” says Jung-Yun. “They’re excellent students, and when they have specific goals attached to a reward, it gives purpose to their hard work – just as it does for adults. As for our goals, Korea is high on our list, along with Achievers, and the Double Diamond trip, of course.”

Both boys attend private schools and play in their school’s orchestras. Jung-Yun appreciates the smaller class sizes, personal attention, and the music talent they’re developing. Nam-Deuk
feels the same way and says the investment in their kids’ education is well worth the expense.

“It makes us happy that we can afford to support private schools and any other activity our kids want to try. Also, we feel fortunate that we can be more generous in our support to charities we believe in,” says Jung-Yun. “When the kids graduate, we will do more. Right now we are able to give to our church and a couple of organizations that support children with disabilities.”

Believe and achieve

Family and health mean everything to Jung-Yun. She admits to being fanatic about living what she teaches – which includes daily exercise, healthy foods, and incorporating NUTRILITE® products into her family’s daily routine. “I’ve always been health conscious, but this business has helped us all live healthier lives,” she says. “If someone is comparing products, I want them to see how I live my life. I’m prepared to answer all of their questions thoroughly and truthfully. I talk to our downlines about earning trust, developing relationships, believing in yourself, and being honest and knowledgeable about AMWAY brands.”

Nam-Deuk is proud of his wife’s youthful energy and enthusiasm. “Recently while going through our family pictures, we laughed together about how I think she’s looking younger and more beautiful,” Nam-Deuk says. “She’s bright and charged with positive energy, a great motivator and teacher. She’s good at making things easy to understand at every level.”

In Korea, Jung-Yun is a popular speaker. “I love that this beautiful, gifted person picked me,” says Nam-Deuk. “That’s why I build this business – to provide for our family.”

Healthy you, healthy business

Nam-Deuk’s favorite product is NUTRILITE The Perfect Pack for your health. “Since I started using NUTRILITE vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements seven years ago,
I don’t believe I’ve missed a day of work or a business trip. We like the idea that products that are so good for us, can also pay us back for our effort. It makes it easy to promote them.”

While not the first man to admit to trying his wife’s ARTISTRY® skin care products, Nam-Deuk certainly won’t be the last. “I started using ARTISTRY skin care products at night, and my skin looks and feels great,” he says with a chuckle. “I used to have to get permission to use a little from her jar, but now I have my own set.”

Jung-Yun laughs, “His skin does look good, but I love him for his warm heart and how he loves and cares for our family.”

Life’s wisdom passes down

The Kims value integrity and good character. Daily, they live by these values and draw strength from them when mentoring downlines. In her teachings, Jung-Yun also emphasizes the value of honesty and how “modeling what you believe is more important than talking when selling yourself.”

Nam-Deuk says that so far their business journey has been a steady series of small, upward steps. “When we reached Diamond, we were very excited. We could have enjoyed our life at that level and lost our focus on growth. Instead, we chose to follow our mentor’s teachings: ‘Never lose momentum. This business is not just for you – it’s for your downlines, too. They’re still growing their businesses and need your support.’”

Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun do not see themselves slowing down. “We can’t slow down,” says Nam-Deuk. “People joined us in this business because I made them a promise. They deserve to have success, too. It’s like finishing our homework and then helping others with theirs. It’s good for all of us.”

The Kims stand by their belief that good things come with integrity and good character.

The average monthly gross income earned by “active” IBOs was $115 (U.S.)/$181 (CAN.).

The percentage of IBOs who achieved Double Diamond and above qualification in FY08 was .0038%.

Based on an independent survey during 2001, approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be active. “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway Global Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.

“Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. The success depicted may reflect income and investments outside the IBO Plan.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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  • Nam-Deuk Kim and Jung-Yun Lee are two of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are humble, good people. Their wisdom on how to build this business has been helpful to me (I am not in their organization, but have had the privilege to hear them speak to all of WWDB) and I’m sure many others.
    Yay to them for their new level of success in the Amway Business!

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