Real-life Action Hero

Ray Barrera

IBO since 1989, Emerald

Ray Barrera was first featured in our Heroes issue of Achieve magazine in July of 2009. He shared an amazing story: Ray entered the Army in 1966, and joined the Army Special Forces Unit in 1968. In 1972 during a night jump, Ray’s main chute was torn by a jet blast from the aircraft and his secondary chute failed to open. As Ray tumbled to the earth, his only thought was, “Oh man, this is going to hurt.” Ray slammed into a sand dune, spent four hours unable to move before being found, was transported to a hospital, and spent many months in a full body cast.

Ray remembered that he spent one day feeling sorry for himself while in the hospital, then he started mentally “working out” his entire body. He said he could feel his muscles twitch and respond to the orders his brain was sending. When the doctors removed the body cast, they found very little atrophy in Ray’s muscles. Ray went on to recover fully and within one year he returned to his command.

Sensei Ray Barrera’s winning form in Albuquerque

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Fast forward to 2010 – at 66 years young there is still no keeping Ray Barrera down. Owner of Karate One International, Ray teaches daily and still competes in Martial Arts competitions. Ray has won the most Gold Medals (27) in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Martial Arts division for anyone at any age. He was recently honored for his 50 years of achievements in Martial Arts (Read about that celebration in part 2 of this series).

Ray shared that he believes the Lord has given him 120 years to live, so he’d better take care of his body and his second chance at life. He said he “takes all of the NUTRILITE “ line and encourages others to not be timid when trying new products. “My body was pretty messed up from the crash. About 15 years ago I started walking with a limp – I didn’t notice it, one of the guys at the gym mentioned it. I decided right then that I was going to do “whatever it takes” to keep my body strong and healthy with my supplements, and today I’m still winning competitions against “kids” in their 20’s.”

Check back to read about the 50-year celebration.


  • This is awesome. I believe with a winning spirit and nutrilite you have a great combination to live a long joyful life. What a great inspiration. Amway and Nutrilite are a great combination for people who just refuse a normal path in life.

  • Marcella

    This man has been a mentor, teacher, and friend for many years. I love his positive energy, zest of life, and his warrior spirit. May God continue to bless both you and Rexanne.

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