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Free to serve others – When Julie’s grandma was sick and near the end of her life, “I was able to spend a lot of time with her,” she says. “You can’t put a price on that.”

That flexibility wouldn’t have been possible without their Amway™ business.

“We were pretty much newlyweds when we got started,” Darren says. He was working as a commercial lender during the day and a cook by night. Julie still had a couple of years left to finish her education degree. She waited tables to help pay the bills. Still, “we definitely had a need for creating some extra income,” he says.

Initially they thought, “Can we add something else to our plate?” The potential they saw in the Amway business opportunity persuaded them they could.

“I was a B/C student before we started our business,” Julie says. “Afterward, I pulled straight As. I learned how to apply myself in every area of my life.”

By the time she graduated, they’d replaced Darren’s income. Eventually, he left his banking job and went into landscaping to have more control over his time. “I’ve been full time in the business since graduation,” Julie says. “I was lucky I could pick and choose subbing assignments so I could get my kid ‘fix.’”

She’s “looking forward to having Darren home and having children of our own” as they reach Diamond and beyond. They envision building a house on a lake. They’re also eager to “move on to new levels. We’ve made a lot of friends in this business,” she says, “and we want them to experience the same things we have.”

Darren hopes people see that “so much of our time and energy is focused on creating income through our jobs. But building an Amway business can provide a good income and free us up to serve others.

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • Jared Zentz

    It’s been a blessing having Darren and Julie as our up line mentors. They are a true example of servant leaders and inspire my wife Colleen and I to go chase our dreams as well!

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