Deudiel and Angelica Bernabe

When Deudiel and Angelica Bernabe saw the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, it was by candlelight because the electricity had gone out earlier. “It was a dark night but really, it was a brilliant night for our future,” he says.

“Since starting our AMWAY® business, we’ve changed for the better,” observes Angelica, a former housekeeper.

Even though it was a challenge to leave their kids (Napoleon, 21; Diana, 20; and Deudiel, Jr., 13) with a sitter to share the AMWAY business opportunity with others, “I overcame it because I knew it was for their future,” Angelica says. “They wouldn’t have it as good as they do now if we hadn’t built this business.”

Both she and Deudiel, a former landscaper, believed they weren’t the right “material” to become entrepreneurs. “I only went to school through the second grade,” Angelica says. “I had to overcome my macho mentality and poor manners,” says Deudiel, who grew up on a ranch herding bulls. “It was a challenge to create new habits, but I’d developed persistence riding those bulls, so I channeled that into our business.”

With time and effort – plus “all the support we’ve received from everyone in this business,” the changes came and their AMWAY business began to grow.

Today, they’re seeing the payoff. Since leaving their jobs, “We have a lot more time together as a family,” Angelica says. “We just love hanging out together,” says Deudiel, who still takes pleasure in getting his hands dirty and seeing things transformed.

Because he grew up poor, his greatest desire is to eradicate poverty around the world. “My dream is too big for my years left on this earth,” he acknowledges.

But he and Angelica, who desires “to change the self-limiting mentality of people,” believe the AMWAY business is the key to transforming lives on both fronts.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • I know this couple, and it’s amazing to see their life’s style. They are great people who are helping me to achieve my goals. I’m so proud of them. And thanks to them I am discovering a new way to have a better life. Thank you Deudiel y Angelica for all your support.!!!!!!!

  • This couple is for me the example of persistence and lidership. I now how much eford they put to help others to to achive their dream. thankyou for your help.

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