Dinora and Alfredo Rivera


Seriously happy – When Alfredo and Dinora Rivera decide to focus on a goal, they can become a little intense.
For example, when they made a goal of reaching Silver in three months.

“We sold a lot of product and sponsored a lot of people,” he says.

“We didn’t get too much sleep!” she replies, laughing. “Our dream of freedom was bigger than going to sleep. We build our dreams while awake.”

That steadfast attitude resulted in a wonderful, breathtaking run that catapulted the Riveras from Emerald in 2010 into Diamond qualification in 2011. To say they were hungry to succeed in their AMWAY™ business is an understatement.

“At first, I wanted nothing to do with starting an AMWAY business,” Dinora admits. “Every time my brother brought it up, I said, ‘I’m not cut out for this! Forget it!’ It’s not that I didn’t believe in the opportunity,” she says. “I just didn’t know where we’d find the time. We thought we were too busy.”

Alfredo worked two jobs – one as a cashier, one as a handyman – that ate up 16 to 18 hours of his day. Dinora worked 56 hours a week as a babysitter. “Thank goodness my employer allowed me to bring our son to work,” she says.

When her brother was able to show them the IBO Compensation Plan, he suggested they both be present. Dinora made the decision to see it, but with no commitment. But Alfredo saw a great opportunity.

He recalls, “I was so excited I didn’t sleep for five nights!”

Dinora ultimately relented. “Thank God I finally changed my mind,” she replies, “because this business is the best thing that’s ever happened to us!”

Raising the bar
“What helped us a lot (in reaching Diamond so quickly) was raising the bar,” Alfredo says. “Because they saw us putting all our strength and effort into building our AMWAY business, our downlines did the same.”

The Riveras credit their success to their upline. “There’s no way we could ever repay them, even if we went Crown Ambassador. We have nothing but thankfulness and incredible respect for them,” he says.

It’s a miracle where we’re at today. By the grace of God and the greatness of our mentors, here we are! And we dream of giving a lot back. – Dinora Rivera

Amazingly, 12 of Dinora’s siblings and five of Alfredo’s are IBOs! “It truly is a family business,” she remarks.

The biggest change they’ve noticed since starting their AMWAY business? Happiness, pure and simple. Comments Alfredo, “We have no debt, no job pressure, and quality time as a
family. (Matthew is 8, and Efrem is 3.) We’re really living a dream life!”

The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs was $202.

Approximately 46% of all IBOs were active.

U.S. IBOs were considered “active” in months in 2010 when they attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended an Amway or IBO meeting. “Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus monthly bonuses and cash incentives. It excludes all annual bonuses and cash incentives, and all non-cash awards. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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  • Barbara Robbins

    Thank you for your inspiration. We did it before. Now, as a widow, my mentor reminds me I can do it again. Seminars feel like “I am home where I belong, where my husband and I grew together. Where we were always respected.”

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