Double Diamonds Nam-Deuk Kim and Jung-Yun Lee Visit Ada

Nam-Deuk Kim and Jung-Yun Lee visit Ada

Amway Global recently had the opportunity to act as hosts to Nam-Deuk Kim, his wife, Jung-Yun Lee, their sons, Hyunrae, Wonrae, and daughter, Eunrae.  The Kims were in Ada to celebrate their Double Diamond achievement.  It’s such an honor to personally meet growing leaders, such as Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun, and participate in the celebration of their hard work and accomplishment.

Because everyone cannot always be here to be part of events such as these, we’ve selected a few of the photos to share with you.  We’re sure you’ll smile, too, as you see the family waving to fellow IBOs who gathered at the airport for the early morning sendoff; the family boarding a corporate jet; quiet family moments while en route to Ada;  the family meeting with Steve VanAndel, Steve Lieberman and Sandy Spielmaker, being greeted by employees and touring the complex.


Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • WOW

  • Suni Flynn

    What an achievement!
    You have created true American Dream story!
    How could this been possible in any other country, in any other business.
    Kim Nam-Deuk and Jung-Yun Leaders, American Enterprise System, and Amway!
    These are the winning combination of Dream Come True!

    What a blessed family you have!
    It is so wonderful to see your family pictures filled with Joy and Success wave!!!

  • Beautiful family!
    You deserve it! You have paid the price and it’s time to enjoy it!
    Thank you for all your constant love and care for all your partners!

  • ernest lee

    김남득, 이정윤리더님 정말루 훌륭하심니다.
    이렇게 좋은 핀을 성취해서 많은 사람들에게 존경과찬사를 받음을 축하합니다.
    Pay the price ,You Can deserve it.
    God Bless You !

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