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New York

I want this experience for everybody! – It’s been more than 20 years since Ebed Pineda left Honduras as a boy. Like a rudder, that event has steered Ebed throughout his adult life.

“When I first learned about the opportunity to build an Amway™ business, I thought, ‘Finally, I can start sending my mom the money I always promised her.’” Despite making a decent income as a manager of a construction company, he never seemed to have enough left over to wire to his mom.

“As soon as I made $500 with my Amway business, I realized it was simply a matter of moving enough product.”

His thoughts then turned to his dad. Ebed used to resent him because of his harsh discipline. “But I’d become just like him,” he admits. “My way or the highway!” With help from mentors, Ebed improved his communication skills. “Now the relationship I have with my dad is incredible. With Amway, you can change your life in every way!”

Ebed says he’s also become a better father (to Ebed Jr., 11, and Brian, 9), thanks to his business. “I was a disciplinarian like my father,” he admits. “Now I give them consequences for their choices.” Mostly, they just enjoy having fun together.

“I long for the day I can travel to Honduras so my boys can meet my parents,” Ebed shares. He’s grateful to have been able to buy a house for them and is looking forward to purchasing his own home next.

“I have pictures of houses all over my apartment!” he exclaims. “Someday I hope to own a vacation home on Roatan Island (in Honduras).”

Until then, he plans to work hard, “being an example for my group,” and encouraging them: “If I can do it, they can do it. Now that I’m living the life I’m living, I want this experience for everybody!”

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