Edmund and Lucy Wong




Free to do what we want, when we want – Edmund and Lucy Wong couldn’t have foreseen how the Amway™ products they enjoyed using in Hong Kong would one day become the foundation for the life they live today.

After emigrating to Canada, both found jobs they loved: he as a project manager in aviation, she as a senior program producer in radio broadcasting.

One day a friend asked them to consider the Amway business opportunity. “It wasn’t until I had a setback in my profession that we knew we needed to create a Plan B,” Edmund says. “Because of our Amway business, we were able to quit our jobs in our late 40s.”

As Lucy likes to point out, “Everybody must retire someday, but not everybody can have security when they walk away from their job.”

While they work hard at their Amway business, “We are free!” Edmund says. “We are free to do what we want, when we want.” Therefore, it does not feel like work.

In fact, attending business functions, counseling downline IBOs, and teaching others about the benefits of Amway products brings them great satisfaction. “We feel happy when our downlines follow our example and find success,” Edmund says.

He and Lucy enjoy sharing what they’ve learned about health and wellness through presentations they offer to the community. “Health is not everything,” Lucy states, “but if I lose my health, then I lose everything.”

In fact, Edmund became so intrigued by the health field through his study of NUTRTILITE® supplements that he returned to college to become a registered nutritionist. “We have the best products that can help people maintain their health and well-being,” he believes.

Whether they’re traveling, practicing tai chi, or spending time with their grown sons or golden retriever, Kaylee, Edmund and Lucy marvel at the full life they’ve created through Amway.

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