Edriel and Patricia Ojeda



Dominican Republic

How could we not be excited about Amway? – Biking and building an Amway™ business go hand in hand for Edriel and Patricia Ojeda, whose paths first crossed while riding their bikes. After striking up a conversation, they soon discovered they worked for the same bank, but in different departments. Before long they were dating.

Wanting to “come up to” Patricia’s status (she is a division manager of the bank), Edriel decided an Amway business was his best vehicle and set his bike aside. Despite being a self-described wallflower, Edriel “let himself be guided by his sponsor,” Patricia says. The results paid off.

“How could we not be excited about Amway if Edriel replaced his income from his job the first month?” asks Patricia, who had her own motivation for signing up. “I wanted to see how he acted in that environment, how he handled his finances, his emotions, etc.,” she admits. In other words, “I was checking him out!”

Witnessing his hard work and dedication firsthand sealed the deal for Patricia, who’d lost her first husband to cancer. When Edriel proposed to her at a business convention in front of 5,000 people, her answer was a resounding, “Yes!” They married in February 2012. In between, Edriel left his job and the couple qualified for Emerald.

Looking back on the wild ride, he comments, “Before, I could only ride an hour a day. Now I can ride my bike anytime I want!” Patricia is looking forward to joining Edriel in the near future.

“Being a part of other people’s success stories motivates me tremendously,” she says. “I also love to travel and am looking forward to taking more trips with my girls (Mirthalexandra, 10, and Julia Milena, 8).

“My goal is to help my family,” adds Edriel. “I want my dad to have the choice to retire whenever he wants.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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