Elvira and Juan Cruz




Packed with potential – Elvira’s glad Juan saw the long-term potential of an Amway™ business and encouraged her to leave another direct-selling business where she’d had some success. “She had a much bigger reward potential with Amway,” he reasoned.

“I was making $500 to $1,500 a week,” she recalls, “so it was difficult for me to accept that I had to start from scratch.”

“I told her to set a goal,” Juan recollects. “How much money did she want to make in a day? Since she wanted to make $100, she needed to sell $300 in product. I pointed out that she had sold 10 times that amount in a day in her other business!”

As Elvira crunched the numbers and readjusted her goals, their Amway business skyrocketed. Now they’re both home to enjoy their children – Lesley (12), Emmanuel (7), and Vania Guadalupe (1) – and have the time and money to travel.

“It’s just wonderful!” says Juan, who sold his tire shop. “You can feel that the Corporation truly cares about the IBOs.”

That’s something Juan hadn’t experienced in his other jobs. “He never felt he was appreciated or reaching his full potential before this business,” Elvira shares. Thanks to their group’s educational system and mentorship, “He’s learned to be a leader, not just in our business but also at home. It’s increased his confidence, his generosity, and his love for people.”

Elvira has also benefitted from the mentorship. “I didn’t experience that in my former business,” she says.

Juan and Elvira happily anticipate more first-class business trips as well as visiting Jerusalem and Mexico with the kids. They also desire to “help children in need” and to positively impact families in their organization.

“It’s a great reward to see downlines transform every aspect of their lives,” she says.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • jose luis

    felisidades por todo lo que an obtenido y entiendo que todo rrequiere de un gran esfuerzo y sacrificio y con una gran determinasion,,,,gracias por ser tan agradables seres humanos. y se que estan en prosceso de ser mejores..que dios, les bendiga y los guie en sus vidas para siempre,,,

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