Ely and Fausto Estrella



Dominican Republic

“We are surrounded by winners!” – “I came to the Amway™ business because I saw the possibility of having friends everywhere in the world and the freedom to visit them. That’s exactly what we’re doing!” says Fausto Estrella, who, up until three years ago, worked as a mortgage broker.

He and Ely, who met through his Amway business, traveled frequently in the first three years of their relationship since Fausto lived in Florida and Ely in the Dominican Republic. “She owned a dry cleaner and I sold laundry products to her. Finally, we’re together in the same place,” he says.

Ely, who “understood from the beginning that this is a business that helps others,” is happy they’re in a position now to say, “We’re here. How can we help you?” She explains, “We’re hanging on to the cleaners so we can provide employment that way. Now we can take on more of a supervisory role there so that we can dedicate more time to sharing the Amway opportunity with others.”

She and Fausto love that “we are surrounded by winners – people who have dreams, people who have results because of their hard work.”

“You make wonderful friends in this business,” he concurs, and you can’t help but grow personally. “I keep telling everyone this is the cheapest university in the world!”

Two trips top their travel wish list: Taking a cruise with the kids (Carlos, 22, Arieli, 19, and Laurelle, 17) and attending the World Cup in Brazil next year. “I love soccer!” Fausto exclaims.

Whether they’re hanging out at home or exploring a new area of the world, Fausto and Ely enjoy telling others about Amway. “The founders said, ‘If you do the work, then you will get the reward you deserve.’ They were right,” she says, “because we’re already enjoying it!”

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