Emeterio and Alberta Chavez




“We’re free to dream bigger” – “You can make a future as big as you allow yourself to dream!” says Alberta Chavez, who came to the United States with one thought in mind: Find someone who can help us start an Amway™ business.

Briefly introduced to the business in Mexico, she and Emeterio didn’t successfully pursue it, but “I really liked the principles taught in the business and the idea that you could leave it to your kids,” she notes.

For five years, Alberta tried to persuade Emeterio to search for Amway in America. “I was on my feet all day as a hairdresser. He worked with heavy machinery. We made decent money, but it was hard work and we never seemed to have enough,” she says.

Finally, her husband conceded and they settled near Emeterio’s brother in Georgia.

One day, a customer sat in Alberta’s chair and started talking about a business opportunity. “When he said the word ‘Amway,’ I just screamed!” she recalls happily.

Both agree that the key to their success has been good mentorship. “Through Amway and our mentors’ example, I’ve learned to value myself and my family more,” Emeterio says. “We must have love in our hearts to help more people.”

The income from their Amway business has allowed them not only to leave their jobs, but also to heal their relationship. “Life changes when there’s money coming in,” comments Alberta. “We used to fight about money all the time. Now we’re free to dream bigger.”

Both would love to own a ranch “with all the comforts,” preferably near their upline Diamonds in Austin, Texas. They’d also like to travel the world, especially with their grandkids.

“I’m so hungry to keep learning about the world,” states Emeterio, who says he never went to school. “We owe everything to our mentors,” he says. “They gave us the belief that we could succeed!”

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