Fabby and Alex Llanos




We can leave footprints for others to follow – “I’m just helping him out,” Fabby Llanos recalls thinking when she and Alex agreed to be sponsored into the Amway™ business by her brother.

After all, they were doing just fine with her salary from investment banking and Alex’s income as a store manager, plus his construction business on the side. Sure, life was busy, “but we didn’t know any different. It was normal to us,” she says.

Thankfully, when they took a closer look at the opportunity, “It opened our minds to think big. We saw the possibility of working less and living a better life.”

Everything was on track for Fabby to leave her job when they reached Emerald. Then her bank outsourced her department to India.

“We were Founders Platinums,” she recalls. Alex had already left his job and his side business was struggling. “Our mentors told us, ‘You didn’t stop working, you just changed your job.’ They helped us see this business was our job.”

“Having a mentor, for me, was the key,” she continues. “Having them be part of your close circle of friends is priceless.”

Alex agrees. “When we first started I was so shy, but our mentors and training helped me overcome that. It’s beautiful helping others grow through the same challenges you once faced,” he states.

Today, Fabby is grateful she signed up for this adventure with her brother. “Even though I went to college and worked very hard, I didn’t know there was a business vehicle that would allow me, for less effort, to gain back even more than I could ever accomplish on my own.

“Now that we have the right vehicle, we can leave footprints for others to follow – a legacy that changes many lives, especially our children’s (Kevin, 15, and Katherine, 11). That’s just so big!”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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