Fabian Reid and Raquel Bueno



Dominican Republic

Succeeding Together in Life and Business – To meet Fabian Reid today, you would never guess that he is a high school dropout who taught himself to read by trying to comprehend the business-building materials his Amway sponsor had given him. “I had no credibility and no self-confidence when I started my business,” says the former auto franchise worker.

Contrast that with Raquel Bueno’s background. A vascular surgeon, she was very well educated, but wanted more free time and financial security. They met through the business – they each had their own – and, despite their differences, knew they were meant to be together. Within two weeks they decided to get married. “It was one of the greatest moments of my life,” says Fabian, who moved from Barbados to the Dominican, where Raquel was living.

Fabian credits his upline mentors for helping him overcome his challenges. “They spent a lot of time with me, morning, noon and night, building my confidence and telling me I could do it,” he recalls.

Confidence and humility
While Fabian gained self-confidence, having an Amway™ business taught Raquel tolerance and humility. “I’ve learned to appreciate all the different kinds of people there are. They’re all part of a big picture,” she says.

“We have posted our goals all over our house – on the doors, in the kitchen, in the bedroom – and everyone in the family is involved in helping us achieve them.” – Raquel Bueno

Fabian’s main goal when he started out was to make enough money to help out his mother, a housekeeper who had raised five kids on her own, earning $15 a week. “Today thanks to our business, that dream has become a reality,” he says.

For Raquel, freedom was her biggest motivation. “As a surgeon, I had to work long hours, and I wanted to be able to spend more time with our children.” She also wanted to help her parents financially.

Inspiring determination
Their business is truly a family affair, helping them set good examples for their kids on goal setting, consistency, and hard work. “Our son Sebastián said to me, ‘I want to be on the honor roll and I am not going to give up, just like you want to become Diamonds and won’t give up,’” says his mom. “And our daughter Amy was the first to pack her suitcase when she heard Diamonds go to Hawaii,” adds Fabian.

Fabian says that he now practices many of the same confidence-building techniques with downline IBOs that his mentors used with him. “People need to know there is nothing they cannot achieve. There are no limits in this business. It is great gift and it is meant to be shared.”


Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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