Felix Salazar and Lizceldy Carmona




A paycheck with peace of mind – “Tell me about this business!” Félix Salazar insisted when he met up with a friend who was being presented with the Amway™ opportunity. When it became clear that Félix was more interested than his friend, the Independent Business Owner invited him to an open meeting. Felix signed up that night.

Félix knew how to work hard. He’d been doing so since he was 8 because life for his family in Mexico was difficult. “I came to the United States thinking this was going to be the solution to my financial struggles and ended up working 12 to 14 hours a day.”

While Félix and Lizceldy Carmona (who worked two service jobs) “sometimes made good money,” they always felt the pressure to perform or lose their jobs.

All that changed over the last several years.

In December, Félix was finally able to quit his construction job. “It was so much stress!” he recalls. “The peace of mind our Amway business gives me is a great wealth I wouldn’t trade for anything, even more money.”

Lizceldy, who’s been home with their children Alejandro (5) and Litzy (4) since they were born, remarks, “Being able to dedicate my time to them is priceless!”

Félix agrees. “We love spending time with them and want them to know the world is big and they can achieve anything.”

The same goes for downline IBOs. “We want to show them by our example that if you put in the work, you can get the reward,” Lizceldy comments.

Travel, a larger home, giving back to their hometown in Mexico – these are all on their dream list. But at the top is “to be the first Hispanic Crown Ambassadors in the U.S,” he says. “We eat, sleep, and breathe this business!”

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