Finding Freedom – Jose & Leity Cohen

Jose & Leity Cohen

Diamond | Florida

“Leaving Cuba was our first dream,” says Jose Cohen. He arrived in the U.S. as a political refugee on a raft. Leity, his wife, arrived by plane. Before coming to the U.S., they felt that there was no hope, no dreaming. When they arrived they had nothing in the bank, but they had their freedom.

The couple used this newfound freedom to build their AMWAY™ business.

“If we did not work hard to build an AMWAY business, we don’t know what we’d be doing today,” says Jose. “We wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom, financial stability, and lifestyle we have now,” believes Jose.

As Diamonds, Jose and Leity have more time to mentor and train other Amway Independent Business Owners. The couple’s 3,000-sq.-ft. home allows them to host intimate product meetings and interactive beauty clinics. They can even hold 100-person training sessions on their expansive patio. “This is a service business,” says Jose. “Our home belongs to everybody.”

“The mentorship of our upline has helped us to grow the most,” says Jose. “We pay it forward by helping others. We have developed good business and personal relationships … and we work hard at it.”

Family unity, believes Leity, is the ultimate reward of independent business ownership. “We shop, we go out to dinner, we do whatever we want, because our business schedule doesn’t hold us back. We really have a blessed family life.” Son Isaac lives in Cuba. Yanelis, Yamila, Amanda, and Kevin live with the couple.

In conversations with prospective Amway Independent Business Owners, Leity says the couple focuses on the opportunity to help others reach their goals and dreams, and enjoy the same freedoms in life that they have.

Jose echoes her sentiment, and shares a goal and dream he has yet to realize: “To one day be able to take the AMWAY business opportunity to a free Cuba.”


  • Pepe & Leity They are an inspiration to all of us in the Amway business! and here in South Florida we are privileged to have them amongst us. They are truly a success story of the “American Dream.”

  • Gracias le doy a Dios porque son mis Lideres.Bendiciones PP y Leity.

  • Que bueno espero que algun dia llegue ,aunque se que no es facil es de esfuerso,y fuersa de voluntad,persistencia,y lo mas importante Libertad Financiera,y unidad en la familia,,,,,,,,,no se rindan Alba y Manuel Plaud

  • wilfredo

    hola que tal,oye magnifico el trabajo que estan realizando el matrimonio cohen,,he visto varios videos de jose cohen por youtube en los seminarios y charlas explicatibas sobre amway,me gustaria saber como puedo tener informacion de como asistir a una charla de reclutamiento o de como aprender del negocio,,me resulta muy interesante todo lo que se expone,,ojala me puedan ayudar con la informacion,muchas gracias,,wilfredo

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