Flor and Guadalupe Jasso

Guadalupe Jasso grew up poor in a rural area of Mexico. Whenever he visited the closest town, he found himself drawn to the bank. “I was attracted to the self-assuredness of the people there,” he recalls. Ever since then, it’s been his heart’s desire to own a bank.

Today he’s surer than ever that dream will come true because of what he’s learned through his and Flor’s AMWAY™ business.

“I saw the logic in it from the very beginning,” says the former real estate agent. “I saw that we’d be able to create more time and money for our family if we dedicated ourselves to building this business. I knew it was a long-term prospect. But I also knew that I wouldn’t end up like my dad in his later years, with nothing to show for all those years of working.”

Flor, who majored in health science, says the AMWAY business opportunity “sounded too good to be true” when she and Guadalupe learned about it while still in college. It was her relationship with her upline mentor that “helped me to believe in myself and the possibility of success.”

Today, she and Guadalupe marvel at the fact that they’re now the ones inspiring others. “When people hear our story, it gives them hope and makes them believe they can do it, too,” she says.

The Jassos are happy that all their hard work is paying off.

“If we had traditional jobs, we wouldn’t be able to take the kids (Osvaldo, 6, and Natalia, 2) to the zoo or park or out for ice cream during the week,” he says.

Both are looking forward to traveling more, helping their parents retire, and, of course, opening that bank. Just so Guadalupe can walk into it with the self-assurance he only dreamed of all those years ago.

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  • congratulatoins iam new at amway and i have a lot of dreams too i hope to reach them same as you guys

  • francisco gonon

    gracias por la oportunidad tan grande

  • Kassandra

    I know the Jasso family and they are the best people you could ever met, they give you there hearts and dedicated.. They have a big heart and always willing to give you a advise when you need it and a pat on the back telling you that you can do it, that they believe in you…….. They are our uplines

  • gracias por la oportunidad

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