Founders Memorial Scholarship Program 2017


We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for the 2017 Amway Founders Memorial Scholarship Program.

Established in 2013 in honor of early Amway Independent Business Owners Jere and Eileen Dutt, Fred and Bernice Hansen, and Joe and Helyne Victor, the Founders Memorial Scholarship Program is open to IBOs (and their children) throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Three scholarships:

  • the Jere and Eileen Dutt Memorial Scholarship,
  • the Fred and Bernice Hansen Memorial Scholarship, and
  • the Joe and Helyne Victor Memorial Scholarship

Each in the amount of $15,000, will be awarded to individuals who best exemplify the leadership characteristics set forth in the entry guidelines below. The Program is supported and funded by Amway North America, the IBOAI, and the families of the Dutts, Hansens, and Victors.

Here’s how to enter:

The Founders’ Fundamentals – Freedom, Family, Hope, and Reward – were set forth by Amway’s founders, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, more than 50 years ago. To Rich and Jay, these were more than words. They were the beliefs they built their business on. They were the values considered in every decision they made, every action they took. Today, these four principles remain the foundation of the Amway business and an important part of the values and principles Amway provides to Independent Business Owners everywhere.

Think about each:

  • Freedom – to pursue your own dreams, to work hard, and grow.
  • Family – yours and the global Amway family, a network of diverse people to provide support and encouragement.
  • Hope – for a life lived the way you want to live it; for your and others’ personal and professional success.
  • Reward – for lifting up another, because when he wins, so do you; for achieving success and helping others do the same

Select one of the four Fundamentals and share a personal story of your leadership related to the Fundamental.


  1. How did your belief in Freedom of personal choice and achievement enable you to make a difference in the lives of those around you – family, friends, neighbors or fellow students?
  2. How did you offer meaningful support and encouragement to someone in your Family that allowed them to achieve personal growth and success?
  3. How has your Hope for your own or another’s success helped to shape an outcome?
  4. How have you been Rewarded for helping others succeed?

Tell us your leadership story, in 350-500 words, using the electronic form below.

An independent panel of judges will evaluate the entries and select the finalists. The top three finalists will receive one of three Founders Scholarships in the amount of $15,000.

Applicants must be registered students at a community college, an accredited four-year institution, or in graduate-level program.

All entries must be received by May 15, 2017.

Please see the complete set of rules before entering.

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