Francisco and Consuelo Hernandez

In all his years of canvassing neighborhoods for his photo restoration business, Francisco Hernandez had encountered only two responses: yes, but more often, no. Then one day he knocked on the door of the person who introduced him to the AMWAY® business opportunity.

“He invited me in and told me, ‘With the attitude you have, you could go far in the business I’m in.’”

Francisco knew in his gut this was opportunity knocking at his door. “I grew up in a condition worse than poverty,” he explains, “so I had an immense need to realize my potential.”

“He’s always been a great dreamer,” says Consuelo affectionately.

Now from their vantage point as Emeralds, they believe, “We’ve just scratched the surface of the greatness of this business,” Franciso shares.

From day one, they’ve felt supported by the Corporation. “We are so enamored with the products,” she says, adding, “All the publicity on TV has truly helped our efforts.”

Both say the business has changed them on many levels. “It’s allowed us to be more united and know each other better,” Consuelo says. Francisco believes they’ve become better decision-makers following the guidance of “successful people” in their upline.

Not only that, they’ve experienced a “shift in mental attitude” about what really matters in life. Explains Francisco, “When you come into this business, you’re excited by the potential money to be made. But you stay for the love of the people, because as you become involved in their lives, you become committed to their dreams.”

The Hernandezes dream of treating their parents to the good life, sending Carolina (11) and José Manuel (9) to college, and celebrating their daughter’s quinceañera in Paris. But, “Our biggest dream is helping our team’s dreams come true,” says Consuelo. “Every time we see their kids’ faces, we see our own children’s hopes reflected in their eyes.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • Wow, this article is definitely inspiring! I had a friend from community college introduce me to the Amway business this semester and I wish I had been introduced to it sooner because I’ve heard of amway before and remember the great products my family used to use. The relationships with the people you’re in business with through amway are the best. Money is not everything in this life-it’s always most important to have healthy relationships with other people and help make a difference in others’ lives through your shared dreams. Great article!

  • Thank you Francisco and Consuelo for your story. It is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. If your mind can conceive it you can achieve it. You are an achiever! When I see peoples dream come true I can see mines come closer as well to be true. I am passionate and cant wait to see my life change so that I may impact others just as your life has impacted me. There is a way: Amway!

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