GENEROSITY: Jim and Nancy Dornan

Helping others, especially children, motivates one of Amway’s most successful IBO couples.

The Dornans have dedicated their lives to helping others, particularly disadvantaged children. They and their charitable organization have been recognized as the largest corporate network of child sponsors to World Vision, the international children’s charity.

They helped to establish, and continue to financially support, a school in India that houses orphans and street children.

For their efforts, Jim and Nancy Dornan are the recipients of the 2012 Amway Hero Award for Generosity.

Dornans-generosity2-SB“We’ve always viewed Amway as an opportunity business, a business of helping people to realize their potential,” Jim says. “So sometimes you help people to build a business and earn money and positively impact their lives. Sometimes you help them by changing their thinking or their self-confidence or something else like that. And sometimes you help them through outreaches through charitable activities and things not related to the business.”

Jim and Nancy, who have homes in Georgia and Florida, have been married for more than 40 years, and have three children and three grandchildren. They became Independent Business Owners in 1970 and have risen to the Founders Crown Ambassador level, the highest achievement in Amway.

Achievement means more than wealth

“We deliberately tried to build our success brand around achievement – something more significant than just wealth,” Jim says. “It’s more how to use the principles, how to use the business, how to use success to do something that really matters, rather than just how to see if you can get a bigger house or bigger car.”

Their suburban Atlanta-based business spans 35 countries and is organized under an umbrella organization called Network TwentyOne International, with a downline of tens of thousands of IBOs. The couple’s remarkable success enabled them to pursue their passion for helping others by creating the Network of Caring, the philanthropic arm of their business.

“We deliberately tried to build our success brand around achievement ­– something more significant than just wealth.”

Jim and Nancy cover all of the organization’s salaries and other administrative costs. “So, 100% of what anybody donates goes directly to the causes that we’ve chosen to participate in,” he says. “We thought it would be really important that no one ever worries about their money being mismanaged.”

The Dornans have also helped spur the international growth of power soccer, a sport enjoyed by disabled children and adults alike. Their first child, Eric, who was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, fell in love with the sport about 20 years ago, when he was 18. There were only a handful of teams that played at the time. Today, in large part because of Eric’s efforts and the work of a foundation created by Jim and Nancy, there are more than 60 power soccer teams across
the United States and around the world.

Getting others to help others

Nancy says she has never been comfortable being recognized for her charitable activities, but she has always derived great satisfaction from helping others who are less fortunate – and getting others to help others. The IBOs in their organization come from all walks of life and have donated their time, energy, knowledge, skills, and money to the various causes supported by the Dornans and their Network of Caring.

She hopes the award inspires people in other Amway groups of all sizes to reach out and help others who are in need.

“It’s exciting and it’s stuff we love to do, and have loved to do,” Nancy says. “But the most important thing and exciting thing is if it gives them ideas of what they could do.”

Hero photos from Achievers 2012 on Flickr:

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  • Nicola

    I am thrilled to the vore of my core to see this video and know that I have joined into such a wonderfully blessed community orientated opportunity such as Amway. The fact that they have taken the time to recognise these peoples efforts and wondrous miracles should be able to say it all. I almost shed tears while watching this video as the happiness I felt for those on the receiving side. I wish this could be done more often and showed to the world because if the world sees other peoples wonderfulness then just maybe it will share. I am proud to have been able to witness this amazing event! Wishing all involved a blessed time!

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