Gennadiy and Yelena Pavlenko

Freedom isn’t a word Gennadiy and Yelena Pavlenko use lightly.

“In Ukraine, we could not express our faith or achieve what we have here,” says Gennadiy, referring to their Amway™ business.

“I was big, pregnant, and busy when we learned about the opportunity,” explains Yelena, who worked 12-hour days as a Realtor®. Yet in just eight months, she was able to leave her job; Gennadiy closed his remodeling business a year later.

“We have an awesome team working with us,” she says. “The best thing you can do is learn to trust your upline and set a big goal.”

For the Pavlenkos, being their own bosses and keeping family front and center in their lives drives their Amway business. “We both get to be full-time parents to David (10), Timothy (7), and Danny (4),” Yelena says. “We’re able to volunteer at their school and help our parents.”

“We dreamed of sending our children to private school – and now we do,” Gennadiy adds. “We’re looking forward to more vacations with them, together as a family and one-on-one. We wouldn’t be free to do that with a regular job or business.”

Perhaps even more exciting than the time and possibilities their business has opened up for them is how it has allowed them to touch others’ lives.

“This business changes people’s lives and changes people for the better,” he says. “I love people more and have become more generous.”

“It’s true,” Yelena says. “He’s become a leader – at home and in our business, someone people trust and seek for advice.”

Gennadiy and Yelena were both young adults when they emigrated with their families from Ukraine. “We came to the U.S. for freedom, because our Christian faith was prohibited there,” he shares.

As faith would have it, they both ended up in Oregon, where they met at a mutual friend’s wedding. “Our lives are a series of miracles,” Yelena believes.

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  • Awesom Job guys!!!

  • Гена и Лена, вы молодцы!
    Очень рады за вас. Вы очень хорошие люди и хорошие лидеры.
    Благословений вам.
    Gena and Lena you are grate.
    We are very happy about you. You are very good people and leaders.
    Blessing to you.

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