Glenn and Pam Shoffler

Working as a Family – Glenn and Pam Shoffler are no strangers to hard work. Both began working when they were just children – Glenn on his family’s farm and Pam in her grandparents’ grocery business. “That was the heart of what we (my family) all talked about. The business is what pulled us together because we were all working on it,” says Pam.

Family is what brought her and her husband together, too. “Glenn was my brother’s history teacher. He introduced us, and within three months we were married,” says Pam. They have been happily married for 42 years.

When Glenn’s own brother introduced the couple to the AMWAYTM business opportunity, Glenn was working three jobs. Pam, who had gone to business school and once ran an attorney’s office, was staying home to care for their two daughters, who were three and five years old at the time.

At first, they were skeptical about pursuing the business opportunity. “When am I going to find the time?” questioned Glenn. Despite their initial doubts they decided to try to make it work. “My philosophy was, ‘What do we have to lose?’” recalls Pam, who says she rarely saw her husband because he was working so often.

“One of the things I learned (at a young age) is that if you aren’t accomplishing what you set out to do, you need to do more,” says Glenn.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Falling in Love – Again
“We got started and fell in love with the concept, the people, the whole system,” says Pam, who recalls that the product demonstrations were what really drew her in to the whole business concept. “We purchased and used AMWAY products. We were actually able to save money.”

Success doesn’t attack you. You’ve got to work hard, and we’ve always worked hard. You don’t have luxury of doubt if you’re going to succeed in whatever you’re doing.”

“I wasn’t expecting a lot. I thought that maybe in five years we’d develop a business where we could make $200 to $300 a month,” adds Glenn. “In a very short period of time I stopped remodeling, coaching, and umpiring. After about five years we were making five or six times the salary I received as a teacher.“

A Wonderful Life
After only about six years, they reached Diamond. Now, after almost 36 years in the business, they are Founders Diamond.

“It’s just been a wonderful life,” says Glenn. “Our AMWAY business) has helped us develop a solid marriage and has blessed our kids and a lot of other people.”

Both of their daughters are married and are IBOs themselves. They became IBOs as soon as they were old enough.

“It’s been the best investment we’ve ever made in our lives – not just financially but in the purpose of our lives and those of others,” says Pam.


  • Jeannette Black

    I love this and all that you are to our group, We are thankful to God for the leadership that you share with our group. What a blessing and an honor to have a leader that is completely moved by God in our lives. Thanks so much, you make us proud to be a part of your group. We love you both and pray that one day we will let your light with Gods love shine thru us.Thanks Again, Jim and Jeannette Black

  • Karin McCadam

    Genn and Pam Shoffler are the epitome of integrity. Having known them for almost 20 years, it is pleasure to say that they are the same onstage (when they speak to 1000s of people) as when they speak to anyone on a personal level. Thanks Glenn and Pam for bringing the best of yourselves to this business, to the people in your organization and for remaining true to your mission to help those who want to believe in themselves and in the power of their dreams. We thank God for you!

  • Henry Arciolla

    Integrity. Enough Said. Love you Glenn and Pam. You reach is greater than you will ever know. Thank You for all you have done over the years. Your time that you shared in my life has allowed me to grow much farther than I ever thought I could.

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