Guillermo and Elina Hevia

The perfect venture to guide us into our future – “The most important thing in the world is being thankful,” states Guillermo Hevia, who loves to travel and fish.

“He also loves to talk, so he’s often not very successful with the fishing,” Elina adds playfully.

When the couple emigrated from Cuba in the late ’90s, they were grateful to have a fresh start. Both highly skilled doctors, the Hevias faced the challenge of putting their knowledge to work without recertifying stateside.

The solution? “We opened two clinics, which we administered, and hired doctors,” says Elina.

While the clinics brought them a good income, Guillermo and Elina rarely saw each other. Nor did they have time for anything else. “We thought we owned a business, but in reality it was the business that owned us,” she comments.

When Guillermo was presented with the AMWAY™ business opportunity and heard about the prospect for travel, he said, “I’m in!”

“It’s been a wonderful experience!” replies Elina. “We love to help people – that’s why we became doctors. Now, we don’t help just the body, we help the soul and the pockets, too!”

Of course, NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements are at the top of the Hevias’ list of favorite products. But truly, it is the life-transforming by-products of building an AMWAY business – family, freedom, hope, and reward – that give meaning to their lives and make them want to share the opportunity with others.

“We sold the clinics three years ago so we could put all our efforts into our business,” Elina says. She and Guillermo are looking forward to traveling the world, buying “a small house on the ocean to come home to,” and enjoying the knowledge that “we won’t be a burden to our kids in our later years. This has been the perfect venture to guide us into our future,” she says.

For that realization and everything else their business brings, “We are eternally grateful,” Guillermo remarks.

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Emerald Income Disclosure

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