Gurjeet and Randy Deol

Prior to learning about the AMWAY™ business opportunity, Randy and Gurjeet Deol appeared the epitome of success. They made a six-figure income from their jobs as a senior manager in telecommunications (Randy) and a monitor operator (Gurjeet).

“We were making enough money, but none of it was going to go to the kids (Deep, 24; Robby, 22; and Michael, 18),” she says.

That was a grave concern for Randy. “I wanted to create some additional, ongoing income,” he says, “because our oldest child has spina bifida.”

In addition, they hardly ever saw each other because she worked the midnight shift. “He was going to bed as I was leaving for work, and my weekends weren’t on the weekend.”

Enter the AMWAY business opportunity.

It allowed Randy to do “what I couldn’t do through my education or my job: leave a legacy for my family even after I’m gone.

“We knew there’d be work involved – no question – but we were willing to do that work,” he continues. Eventually, Gurjeet was able to replace her income and leave her job.

“We’re putting in even more effort today to take our business to the next level,” Randy says. “Then we can enjoy complete control over our time and finances.”

“The kids look at Randy as their hero,” Gurjeet shares, adding that they’ve all been inspired to start their own AMWAY businesses. “He’s so busy at work and then comes home and gives 100 percent to our business. They often tell him, ‘We’re so proud of you!’”

Randy is mindful of the support they’ve received along the way from family, mentors, and business associates. “We thank all those who contributed to our success and sacrificed to get us to this point,” he says. “We believe with God’s help anything’s possible, and we thank him every day for this amazing opportunity.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


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