Hanam Truong

It Doesn’t Hurt to Say Yes – Hanam Truong might not be where she is today had she not agreed to a babysitting gig. “That’s how I met my sponsor. She was out attending a conference while I babysat for her,” explains Hanam. “I saw a book she had and asked her about it. She showed me the plan (for the AMWAYTM business opportunity). After that, no more babysitting.”

Hanam, who had recently moved from Vietnam to the U.S., was studying business administration in a two-year college at the time. After meeting Amway IBOs and seeing them living the lifestyle for which she longed, her mind was made up. “I thought, ‘Why do I need to go to school for business when I have people to learn from right here?’”

In 2006 she had officially started her own business, and within about two years became Platinum. “When I saw the business plan, I thought I could save up to get a car,” says Hanam. “I didn’t have big dreams like I have now. Now that I know more about the business, my vision is more clear.” Her next goal is to achieve Diamond.

You Design Yourself
Hanam knew at a young age that she wanted to run her own business. “When I was little I used to make money by helping friends with homework and doing things for my mom,” she recalls. “My dad taught me to become my own boss. He gave me the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it changed my life.

“I either saved my money and let friends borrow it, or I spent it on books—drawing books, crafty books, novels, too.” These days Hanam is still in the habit of buying books, but many are not for her. “I buy more about personal growth and leadership and give them to my downlines to help them start their business,” she says.

Socializing with people in general has not always been a strong suit of Hanam’s. “I used to be a really shy girl. When I finished high school I could count my friends on one hand,” she explains. “I didn’t have much fun.” At age 26, Hanam now has over 40 people on her team, most of whom were friends she had made in school.

Pursuing Two Dreams
Both a student and businesswoman, Hanam has not given up her lifelong passion of interior design. She will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in the subject in April of this year. “I want the liberty to enjoy doing interior design and helping other people,” she says. “Hopefully one day I will design my uplines’ and downlines’ houses for free!”

Currently pursuing Q12 qualification, Hanam does not plan on moving back to Vietnam anytime soon. She does, however, plan to expand her business there.

“I just love the Amway business. It changed my life a lot, and it changed my friends’ lives. I hope I can help other people, too,” says Hanam. “The people on my team—we’ve become best friends. If we have problems we’re happy because we know we are growing.”

Hanam enjoys driving around Seattle in the car she purchased a year after starting her Amway business; there are now over 200,000 miles on it.


  • Mwaura & Eva

    Hanam, Thanks for moving on! One more proof this business works. Your work ethic has inspired us. Congratulations and see you in platinum club this year!

  • Congratulations my Upline Hanam!!!!
    I am very Proud to be an part of your Organization and sponserd by awesome sponser Charlie of your organization! All you did for us the hardwork,dedication,passion,mentorship,guidence was unexplainable! Thanking for leading us to the direction of our dreams and set an example that “if you can do it,we can do it too!”God bless your success more and more always!!!!!!

  • Yohannes

    Hanam, congratulating for your all hard work, I thank you for been great example and icon In the NW team, yes indeed you work ethic’s inspire me. The best is yet to come.
    Yohannes & Bisrat

  • Jimmy

    Congratulations Brand New Platium Upline Hanam!

    Thank you for moving on so you can open the door for us to follow your footsteps. Thank you for always being a great friend, an awesome mentor, and an inspiring leader. I am so fortunate to be part of your team to have a chance learning from such an incredible person and promise that the team will make you proud. Together we all will stretch our wings flying to Peter Island for sure!


  • Oded & Raquel


    We are SO proud of you. You are such an inspiration to so many!

    We are blessed to have you on our team.

    Keep it up, and all your dreams will come true!!


    Oded & Raquel

  • Thank You!! for being a role model and setting high standards. Me and My wife admire your work ethic and are definitely inspired to move on to the higher PIN’s in the business.

  • Congratulations Hanam !
    Watched your webcast last month with your team mates. I feel very encoraged looking at your success. We are proud of you. I am also in Sugeet’s team from NH. Hope to meet you at one of the Conferences.


  • You keep up the good works, “GO DIAMMOND” see u @ the top.!!!!!

  • Congratulations, HaNam.
    We are so proud to have you as an awesome mentor as well as family member. Thank you for helping us and proving that we can make dream come true.


    Wow. Thank you so much eventhough i have no idea who you are. You are a very inspiring person, that makes other people to keep going, and fighting for success.

  • Man Lam

    Thanks for inspiring us everyday, your examples have changed so many people life.
    I am glad to be in your team and thankful for changing my life as well. let’s go diamond. that the goal I have set since I started my business.

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