Achieve Magazine is online!

The past year has been a learning experience for our Achieve magazine team. Since the early months of 2009, when we began to change the magazine’s content to focus more on recognizing IBOs’ success and leadership in their businesses and their communities, we’ve received quite an education…and it continues!

We’ve learned:

  • Amway Global IBOs of all ages, new IBOs through leaders, are dreaming of ways to make a difference – not only through their business activities, but also through their charitable and philanthropic efforts.
  • IBOs give of their time, money and effort each year to build houses for those who need homes…just because.
  • They dig wells in Africa to provide safe drinking water for communities continually stricken by water-borne illnesses.
  • They build and run orphanages around the world for the thousands of children who need a safe haven in the world.
  • They provide shoes for children who have never worn them, dental work and reconstructive surgeries for children who could not eat or smile, their love and time for children without families…the list, literally, goes on and on.

We’ve learned Amway Global IBOs have stories to tell that need and deserve to be heard. We have also realized we cannot begin to give those stories the visibility they deserve with our current four issues of Achieve each year.

Today, to help address that need, we’re launching a companion to our Achieve magazine – the Achieve blog. Not only will the blog offer an e-version of the print magazine for browsing on the go, and links to related video and photos, it will also provide a place where we can tell you “the rest of the story” that we didn’t include in the magazine. We can offer more interviews and photos and publish more current content – the names of all of the IBOs earning Fast Track incentives each month, at every level; photos from Double Diamond incentive trips to Ada; pictures from major events such as Achievers, and smaller events – yours and ours; images of IBO visits to Ada; follow up stories; stories from our mailbox; user-submitted photos!, links to videos, etc., etc.

So please, browse through the tabs; read the stories; reminisce with the flickr photostreams; subscribe to our updates, and, most importantly, let us know what you want to see more of! This blog is for you.

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