Help people realize their dreams – Juan & Alicia Ruelas

Juan & Alicia Ruelas, Founders Diamond, California  When Juan and Alicia Ruelas received their first check from their AMWAY™ business, they saw more than $7.50 – they saw potential. “We knew we had done the minimum,” says Alicia, “and we were willing to do the maximum.”

The maximum – commitment, hard work, and perseverance – has helped the couple realize the power of free enterprise. In 2001, Juan fulfilled a boyhood dream and financed a new house for his grandmother who raised him. You can’t reap the rewards without putting forth the effort, says Juan. Owning your own business “helps people realize their goals and dreams,” adds Juan.

Ten years after launching their AMWAY business, Juan and Alicia continue to work hard and reap the rewards of owning their own business. Both have retired from their teaching jobs and are enjoying more time with their three boys, ages 5, 7, and 14. And, Juan planned to take his family and business associates to World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

As they continue to build their AMWAY business, they have embraced a philosophy of perseverance and professionalism. Our business, say the Ruelases, is our career. Alicia remembers a commitment she made early on in the couple’s business endeavor. “I was going to take it as professionally as teaching,” she says. Though retired from the classroom, teaching is still a big part of the couple’s life. The Ruelases guide and mentor new IBOs through a process of learning, practicing, and leading by example. “It’s (a lot) more than just bringing people in,” says Alicia.

Juan believes that relationship skills are essential. “Care for others,” he says. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” To fellow Spanish-speakers, he offers this message of encouragement: “Sí, se puede.” Yes, we can.


The average monthly gross income earned by “active” IBOs was $115 (U.S.)/$181 (CAN.).

The percentage of IBOs who achieved Double Diamond and above qualification in FY08 was .0038%.

Based on an independent survey during 2001, approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be active. “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway Global Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.

“Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. The success depicted may reflect income and investments outside the IBO Plan.

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure


  • vanessa & guiovanny marin

    Thanks to God for this great leader of diamond (Juan & Alica Ruelas) When i heard them talk it build me encourage and such a great inspiration that me and my husband guiovanny can make it… Juan & Alica god bless u… hope to see u soon

  • Eliodoro y Magdalena Ortiz

    Gracias a Dios por personas como ustedes con el deseo de ayudar a nuestra gente hispana. Dios los vendiga, Alicia una gran inspiracion para mi, por dar valor a mi vida como mujer, y poder ser asa mujer de fortaleza…..Dios los vendiga Juan y Alicia!!!!!!!!

  • maria orozco y adan orozco

    me da mucho urgullo de estar en el eqpuo de juan y alica por gent como ellos la gente hispanan vamos a salir adelante ……….. y les doy grasias por eqipuo vision es lo mejor y nos vemos en damantes dios lo vendiga campiones ,

  • enrique

    hola felisidades,por todo lo que asen,por el esfuerso de llegar donde estamos.que dios los bendiga por siempre.SIGUE TUS SUENOS .

  • rodolfo

    con la cupula del cielo dios los bendiga felizidades por ese gran triunfo son un ejemplo a seguir para muchas personas en especial para los hispanos seguir la PANACEA


    es un privilegio conocer personas como ustedes que hacen posible que los suenos se cumplan con las buenas conferencias que dan mil gracias que dios los cuides

  • Juan and Alicia you two are the mentors of many and the inspiration to millions including us, thank you, we love you
    keep making a difference,
    team vision ibo’s Wayne and Misti rogers

  • hola,gracias por ese sistema, que ase reaccionar a mucha gente y que gracias a ustedes muchos de nosotros, vamos a lograr nuestros sue~os. los queremos mucho y felicidades. dios los vendiga.



  • fabricioi garcia

    juan y alicia muchas felicidades por sus logros.. y gracias a ti juan por aver despertado mi sueno. aunque el camino es duro y dificil al escuchar tus cds y mirar tus logros siempre se mira 1 luz al final del tunel.. seguiremos persistiendo.. mil gracias por todo lo que hacen por nosotros los hispanos…. los queremos muchisisisimo.. BENDICIONES.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heriberto Trinidad

    Gracias a Dios por Liderez como Juan y Alicia Ruelas. Son una inspiracion para cualquier Hispano en este pais sin Importar sin importar su nivel educativo formal. Gracias Juan por tu historia que ha motivado a muchos mexicanos a salir de la rutina diaria “de casa trabajo trabajo cas”

  • Gracias por todos sus consejos y por ser unos triunfadores ,mis lideres y tios Silverio y Marisol Blanco me an hablado de todos sus logros y eso es una inspiracion que nos dan gracias . que dios los bendiga.

  • tremendo exito y bien aprobechado el tiempo libre se puede admirar la gentileza y humildad que al correr de los anios el tiempo a construido esta fantaztika pareja de grandes liderez camino y esperanza para muchos y a la vez pocos atrevidos/as no desistas de lo que quieres con la fuerza y poder de DIOS tan grandiozo no hay nada impossible sigue adelante y mucho exito a todo el equipo de liderez presentez !!!!!

  • miguel y Lily Garcia


  • Orbelin

    Son tremendous lideres boi a yegar a Los niveles para conocerlos

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