Hilda and José Garcia




Hope for lasting change – While it took some prodding to get José Garcia to a presentation of the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, it didn’t take long for him realize he’d found his calling.

“When I heard we could prosper by helping other people, that got me – it touched my heart,” he says. “Right away, I saw the hope of being able to change not only my life, but also the lives of my family and countless others.”

Additionally, he saw a way out of the physically demanding tile-laying work he and Hilda had been doing since coming to the U.S. from Cuba. “We wanted to quit at a decent age,” he relays. Thanks to their Amway™ business, “We’ve already realized that dream.”

They’ve also grown closer to their daughters, Adianet (31), who’s a Sapphire, and Yanin (29), who’s qualifying Gold. Before José and Hilda started their Amway business, the girls were caught up in their medical careers and, “We hardly ever talked to each other,” he says.

However, as they witnessed their parents’ personal and business growth, and saw them prosper in time, money, and quality of life, “They wanted those same things. This business has been a blessing for the unity it’s brought our family!” José remarks.

Hilda loves traveling and is looking forward to doing more of it down the road. But like José, she never tires of “bringing a light, a hope to people with this business.”

Reflecting on his personal growth, he observes, “I entered this business with low self-esteem. Now I realize the key to triumphing in life is simply to love other people. To think about them more than you think about yourself. Then they will want to be near you and learn from you.”

Coupled with the Amway business model, it’s a win-win situation for all involved.

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