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“I used to have a job, too” – “People ask, ‘Were you always this cool?’ I say, ‘No. I used to have a job, too,’” deadpans Hugo Vargas, who overcame his anxiety attacks since starting their Amway™ business.

He and Angélica owned several traditional businesses over the years that took their toll on mind, body, and finances. One of those businesses, a chain of automotive repair shops, provided a comfortable six-figure income for the family (Tanya, 19; Diana, 18; Leslie, 13; and Priscilla, 10). “We lost everything when the economy went south,” he says. “All I had to show for my work was a huge debt, and wrists and knuckles that go clack, clack, clack!

“My oldest remembers the stress of that time. She talks about how blessed she is to have happy, full-time-at-home parents now.”

Angélica had her own fears. “If something happens to Hugo, what am I going to do to provide for our family?” she wondered.

Thankfully, they discovered the Amway business opportunity.

“It is way easier getting up in front of people in a suit and tie in the evenings and talking to them than it is putting in long days on a job where you get beat up emotionally and/or physically,” Hugo says. “The beauty of Amway is now we’re able to help others live more productive, more meaningful lives,” he says.

The Vargases recently remodeled their home, which they saved in the eleventh hour from foreclosure. Still, Angélica dreams of “someday having a bigger, pretty house for my family.” More than anything, “We want to be our children’s example and show them that life can get better if you work hard.”

And have the right vehicle, Hugo adds. “Neither of us finished high school,” he points out. “We hope our story helps others believe they can do this, too. Once you overcome a challenge, it’s really something to brag about.”

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  • somos una familia afortunada, afortunada porque tenemos la dicha de estar cerca de personas como Hugo y Angelica grandes lideres y gran corazon, estamos siguiendo sus pasos, creemos en su gran entusiasmo y tenemos fe en lo que cada dia nos trasmiten, admiramos su sencilles y como dan su corazon a cada persona que se acerca sin importar de donde vienen, gracias diamantes muchas gracias.

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