In Memory: Bill Britt


A Pioneer, An Innovator, A Motivator…and Friend

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Founders Crown Ambassador and Founders Council Member Bill Britt.

Bill and his wife Peggy started their Amway business in 1970. At that time, Bill was a city manager in North Carolina and Peggy was a secretary. “We were successful in our careers, but wanted more,” said Bill in a recent interview. “The Amway business model creates a level playing field for everyone. You get out of it what you put into it.”

Since then, the Britts have built one of the largest global IBO organizations in Amway history – one that includes an extensive presence in the United States., India, and China. The Britts first became Founders Council Members in 1998 and qualified at the Founders Crown Ambassador level in 2002. Most recently in 2004, the Britts reached 40 FAA (Founders Achievement Award) points.

Bill taught all the IBOs he mentored one primary lesson – In order to become the greatest leader, one must become the greatest servant. This personal philosophy guided Bill in all he did. He’d often speak about the importance he felt it had in his business, as well as his daily life.

Amway President Doug DeVos said, “Bill epitomized the spirit of Amway and free enterprise. He leaves a dynamic legacy of global distributors that will continue to carry his passion into their own personal businesses – and their lives – for years to come.”

“Not only have we lost an Amway legend, but also, a dear friend,” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel. “At this difficult time, we take comfort in the fact that in Bill, we gained so much, including a global legacy that we know will live on for years. We will always honor Bill’s remarkable Amway accomplishments, his passion for service, his love of people, and his dedication to others.”

Bill Britt will be greatly missed by the global Amway family. He was loved by not only his family and friends, but the countless thousands who found success in the Amway business because of Bill’s inspiring leadership. We are fortunate that he was part of our IBO family.

Bill is survived by his wife, Peggy, who continues the Britts’ Amway business legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy and the Britt family, as well as their friends and extended IBO family throughout the world.

In lieu of any cards, gifts or flowers, the Britt family has requested donations be made in Bill’s memory to:

BWW Charities

150 Golden Drive

Unit 110

Durham, NC   27705

BWW Charities supports Easter Seals, Wounded Warrior Project, Samaritan’s Purse, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the U.S. Dream Academy.

Friends and associates are invited to offer a personal tribute in honor of Bill and to celebrate his life. Following the instructions below, you can call and leave a voice message to share your memories of Bill, personal stories, or words of sympathy and encouragement. The messages will be compiled in one recording and presented to Peggy and the Britt family.

To create your message:

1.   Call 1-877-OurQuilt (1-877-687-7845).

2.   Enter invitation number 192447.

3.   Record your message.

4.   Press # to review your message – or just hang up to save it.

For those calling from outside the U.S. and Canada, please call:


 You may also use Skype or an SIP client to make your call:

Skype: +99000936 9990027472


Photos of Bill Britt:


  • Arumugam Kugan

    Very few people have had an impact on me as deeply as he has.may god give almighty and peace to him and god bless peggy brit

  • akland

    I am a Dental Surgeon from India, and I feel proud of it. But while pursuing my Amway business career under the teachings of Bill Britt through his BWW education system, I am totally a changed personality. Today I am proud of myself that I am a better human being. Thanks to Amway, and thanks to Bill for creating BWW education system. Bill! You are like the “Light House” helping millions of ships, like us, safe harbouring. We will miss you dearly.
    With highest regards!
    Himadri & Bharati Mandal, Diya Marketing Private Ltd.

  • Real et Monique Lacasse

    Nos plus sincères condoléances a toute la famille de Bill Britt. Nos prières vous accompagne dans ces moments de tristesse. Bon courage a Peggy et sa famille.
    Réal et Monique Lacasse, Qc.Ca.

  • Sawinder Singh

    Britt System teachings (wisdom) will be passed onto future generations, for a better and prosperous environment.
    Mr. Bill, you will remain deeply in our hearts.
    Long Live Your Wisdom!


    Bill Britt, greatest Leader who is instrumental in uniting people across the world , with different religions, castes & cultures on a single platform of BWW, Teaching Principles of Success which are in agremeent with any. religion, Teaching Human Values that help people at a Personal Level and also helping the People around us making the world better place to live for generations.

    Mentioning of his Name itself creates the Positive Vibrations in peoples hear , giving them the motivation to be a Successful human being & achieving their Dreams

    Not Fortunate enough , as i did not meet him or see him, but he is in my heart, helping me becoming successful and also carry these valuable Principles to the people that require to make them better persons & Successful in Life. Definitely iam missing his physical prescence in this world.

    Dear Peggy,
    Our Prayers are with you, Pray My lord Srimannaraya to give you the Strength, in this toughest time.

    Hyderabad, India

  • Sarath Thota

    We celebrate Bill’s life as an example of leadership through our entire life’s, his impact and influence goes generations ,we will carry his vision, emulate his passion for life , and will live a life of excellence.His life resembles excellence in any every endeavor , his teachings will carried through generations . Bill’s life is truly a generational impact.

  • Rabindranath Chakravorty

    May Great Mother of Universe, Durga Parameshwari Bless the Master of Masters Bill Britt with Eternal Peace! He created the Profound Education System- Britt Worldwide- a Revolutionary System based on The Bible and The Geeta- which has contributed in making people better human beings,better husbands & wives,better sons & daughters,better citizens throughout the world! His legacy will remain forever because it is based on Eternal Truth!

  • sriprakash patnaik

    A great loss to all of us .He has not only created a successful system for pursuing individual excellence but has created hundreds of Bill Britt all over the world to further the Dreams of the great departed soul.May God give strength to Mrs Peggy and family at this crucial juncture.



  • Gregory G. Glynn

    The very first major function I attended hosted the keynote speakers, Bill and Peggy Britt. I sat in the audience and didn’t move for over 2 hours. Why? Because I hadn’t heard the principles, values, and beliefs from hardly anyone in over 25 years. Until that function, I almost believed, like a lot of Americans, that the foundational underpinnings that made this country great were a thing of the past. Thank God for Bill Britt who still believed and got us to believe and successfully created a movement to keep the ship on course. If I ever miss Bill Britt, I know where I can find him. Thanks for the system that will outlive you for many many years. I salute you.

  • Dear Peggy and Family,
    Thank you for sharing him with us while he was here. I was privaliged to come to your home in Chapel Hill with a small group in Amway and meet him many years ago.
    I only regret that I was not one of his diamonds and had the honor of having him raise my hand on the Diamond Stage.
    He was a great leader and touched thousands of peoples lives in a positive way.
    He will be dearly missed.

  • Satish A

    We miss you big time Britt. Your impact in tremendous on every soul that know you. Without your vision and effort, we won’t have what we have. Proud to be part of BWW system. May god give strength to Mrs.Peggy.

  • Dear Bill,

    We miss you so much. I learned everything about street smart living from your talks and CD’s…

    While i was doing MS in USA i was in your org… Your confidence, the values that you promoted, the awesome teacher you are – everything inspired me to live ethically and achieve huge dreams too..

    I am in Thane, India now and my entire family is earning more God’s blessings by living on the path you have lighted – THE LAMPLIGHTER Bill Britt…

    my dad won election as i did my part in compaigning due to your leadership teachings, our daughter is in 6th ranked school of India, we were invited on Governing Council of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce – all possible because we live inspired lives as you have taught in verticle alignment principle…..

    your teachings about manhood, productivity, family units, dreaming big, value-based life and your entire life as a testimony of all this is truly eternal..

    I know God becuase of you life Bill.. I am a better husband to mastermind wife Madhuri – better dad due to your “Father Power” tape to my brilliant daughter Mrunal… Thanks a million…

    May God bless Peggy with strength to come out of this adversity and huge LOSS…. Whole world is at a loss as we have lost a F’s CAM- Founder’s Council member.. The Bill Britt who went CAM in 1980 ( as per todays FAA points) by having dozen Diamond legs… Truly trailblazer and lamplighter….

    God Bless your life and we promise to be the next lamplighters based on Godly teachings and your teachings…

  • Joseph Tepedino

    A lot of memories, a lot of years, a lot of fun,
    a lot of tears…
    Thank you Bill, you taught me how to be a
    better man.
    Thank you for calling me your friend.
    You and Peggy have always been in my prayers.
    God bless you Peggy,
    Joe Tepedino

  • We listen to bill on some tape we learn a great deal, May god be with them and all the family.”Nay,in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us,”

  • Sam Rehnborg

    Bill Britt was a passionate promoter and ambassador for the Nutrilite brand ever since we merged with Amway in 1972. His efforts are appreciated by all of us in the Nutrilite family, and we extend our sincere condolences and prayers to all members of the Britt family.

    Sam & Francesca Rehnborg
    & the entire Nutrilite family

  • Julia Tyagi

    Your impact on my life and the life of many others is immeasurable. You inspired countless people not just to a greater life but to a greater life’s purpose.
    Thank you!
    Committed to your dream of 100 Diamonds a year.
    Julia Tyagi – Sringari team, PA

  • Bill Britt made a positive impact on my life and many people around the world even people who did not stay in business are better people and are benefiting others as a results of Bill Britt’s teaching, leadership and values.

    May God bless Peggy and family and give Bill a special place in the haven

    Cviko & Jelica Vidakovic
    Founders Sapphire IBOs from Toronto, Canada

  • ed huculak

    I atteneded my first Go Diamond weekend and Bill Britt blew me away.
    On Sunday morning ,he spoke at an Optional Morning Service and introduced
    the audience to a 2-5 Minute Plan ,where I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour
    which has changed my life forever. Thank you Bill,,,,I always tell that story in my testimony.

  • Bill Britt has impacted countless lives over the years, and will continue to do so for decades to come.

    I always thought that success and the principles thereof had to be complicated.
    Bill in his simple yet able manner helped me to understand these principles and the impact that they have on the human psyche.
    Because of Bill and his obedience to God, like many I have realized a great positive change in my thought pattern, actions and life.

    Truly a legend, servant, friend, father and a vessel used by God to reach and change many desperate lives.
    Bill I love you and thank you for your teachings, obedience and courage.

    Peggy, I pray strength, renewed courage, continued endurance and vision for you and the entire Britt family.
    We are behind you all the way, and look forward to carrying the legacy Bill left for all of us.

    Selvin Newman

  • suja ajit nair

    You will remembered forever for showing the beautiful way to be an independent business owner by each and every one in the universe who have learned the business and the worthy products!
    We are sure you will see the tremendous growth of Amway from the heaven and bless each of us!
    May God give all the strength to your family members to adjust with your physical absence.
    With lots of prayers,
    Suja Ajit Nair-Mumbai.

  • Bill Britt has got to be one of the most outstanding men that our country has ever had. When I got started in the business in 1984, my first function was a Miller Dream Night. I had been in college for several years at that time pursuing a career in medicine. I was excited about the prospect of making money in my own business, and I was hoping Amway was for real. Bill spoke on stage that weekend about all the values of God, family and country that I was taught growing up, but had pushed them to the far corners of my mind over time. I had never heard anyone financially successful speak like Bill did, and I remember how it resonated in my spirit. I was thankful that there was actually a successful man who stressed that God’s principles were paramount and that you could not achieve true success without them. Over the years I have learned and internalized business concepts, success concepts and an unfaltering dedication to putting God first in my life through the influence and teachings of Bill. The impact Bill has had on me has affected my family and thousands of people in my business to make us better people. God puts people in our lives to help us accomplish His goals and dreams for us – Bill Britt was one of those people. Thank you Bill for fighting the good fight, for teaching us how to be focused and strong and teaching us how to dream. You will be missed and never forgotten.

  • Jenelyn/Julie Hertiz

    We always value the teaching of Bill Britt, such an incredible man that made impact in peoples’ lives. All values, teachings and words he has bestowed will live forever and be used by others to make them a better interpreneur as well as better individual. Bill Britt will be missed by so many, the functions that I have attended to and your preachings will be in the heart of Amway Professionals. As you multiplied yourself, this will continue until next generations.

    God Bless You Bill Britt, you still in the heart of so many. Condolence to Peggy and Family.

  • Jerry Rivers

    Bill taught me success is not about how much money you have, It’s how many people are better off because you lived. RIP Bill Britt

  • Srinivas

    Truly a great legend who led by example and always fought mediocrity. While the corporate world in general teaches stabbing behind the back in our quest for career progression, here was a man who believed in helping others in our journey towards material, emotional and spiritual well being. His value of god, family and country still continue to be very relevant. He may be missed physically but his teachings and leadership will always continue to inspire not only us but many more generations. May his soul rest in peace. My deepest condolences to Peggy Britt and other family members.

  • Ci uniamo al vostro dolore del signor Bill, per la sua chiamata a Dio in cielo, vi siamo vicini in questo momento anche se non abbiamo avuto il grosso onore di conoscerlo, siamo Diamanti Italiani un abbraccio da Antonia e Mario Marchesini

  • Upendra Rawal

    He was simply The Grrrrr8 Human Personality…

  • Boyce Garland

    Without this man I would have never met Jesus christ for real, and very well could be dead or in Jail right now. I will be forever be indebted to him for that. I am an attorney that came from a good family, but I was a nominal christian only and was really aware of the sefishness and dishonesty and lack of integrity I saw arising in my life and in the lives of extended family members. It took a year for my eventual sponsor to get to a major function but when I did, I was really blown away by this loving and fearless man. And so on that first Sunday morning in Janaury, 1997, I had my first real alter call and accepted JChrist as my lord and savior. It was a date that will live forever in my heart and this is a man that will live forever in my heart. I cannot thank this man, the BWW business, Gary Newell, or LTD enough for the difference they have made in my life. God Bless you Britt family! Boyce Garland, Gastonia, NC (Attorney at law)


    we love you bill………you are always in our heart…………the biggest realize you made me about dream…………you teach us how to become a better human ………….thank you GOD THANK YOU BILL………

  • Uni Danyar

    A greeting from Denmark.
    It says in a good book I read. “There is a time for everything”
    My wife and I had some years with Amway and the Britt organization. We did not make it til Diamond, not beyond Silver, but we started a journey. We learned a lot. We were given a new hope. We saw that opportunities are given- but also must be taken. We had the wonderful opportunity to come to your wonderful country and participate in 3 “Go Diamond Functions” We also had the privilege to have a private meeting with Bill Britt at one of the Functions.
    The look in Mr. Britts eyes we will never forget. He then had a special peace in them. A peace that shows that he had his inner peace.
    Our thoughts are with Peggy Britt.
    “There is a time for everything”

  • Courtney Jensen

    Thank you Bill! You blessed my life in so many ways.

  • Dr.B.K.Nayak

    Bill Britt and Peggy Britt, You are like Nanda and Jashoda. You are the king and queen in the heart of a lot Amway people around the globe. Your words make all the differences in me. Thank you. Fir milenge.

  • Sahil kadakia

    Bill, I always envisioned that you & Peggy would do our hand raising in Richmond Virginia. However that dream will be incomplete. However I promise will stand for what you have taught us.
    Bill I will be a founders cam and become a BWW Diamond and make you proud. It’s a promise.

  • Robert

    Bill was a great leader. Stood for truth and principles. He has made a difference to this world because he was here. May God bless him.

  • Great leader on the face of earth bill britt he deserve rich tributes
    man of commitment and man of wisdom long live his wisdom

  • Robert Shaffer

    Carole and I met Bill and Peggy in Seattle in about 1984. We were Silver Producers. If there has been a Man of Steel and a Woman of Steel, and protectors of free enterprize, it is Bill and Peggy.

  • he was a legend leader in amway history.
    he gave us a solid financial education system through which we can easily change our thinking as well as future.which will be secured through out generations….
    Thanks to Bill and Peggy britt……

  • Chad Johnson

    Bill Britt had a very profound impact on my life, early in my adult life. I heard him say once, in an audio, That to hear the words “well done good and faithful servant” was his ultimate goal. His focus on the life to come was of great insight and peace for me. That has been my goal ever sense. Bill Britt is A great American, and his impact will be felt for generations to come.

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